License to Stream: State Sanctioned Control of The Internet

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  • danielamann reply Unbelievable that this is even an issue...Ridiculous. Twitch is so far from a radio streaming service and this is downright a way to attempt to greedily take more money. So wrong.
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply This is fuckin insane. Greedy governments will go to no end to make more money.
    • [ – ] pjalmighty42 parent reply ...To line the insides of their own wallets.
      • CrazyRocky parent reply So true, this in Germany and recently the law being removed that stated companies had to inform american citizens before selling off their info just proves that.
    • [ – ] Necrophage parent reply This isn't about money. It's about control. The licensing "fees" are simply an intimidation tactic to force the little guy to shut up.
      • CrazyRocky parent reply But I don't think any extra money they get from enforcing this is just a bonus, they definitely took that atleast somewhat into consideration.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Unbelievable in 2017 that we have to even discuss free speech. Gvnt wants too much control of what we do nowadays its been admitted for years. TVs spying on is, Facebook and other sites disabling comment pages. Like WTF?
  • [ – ] Filintimus reply german government is fucked yo
  • Kuldebar reply The pace of this stuff is increasing, things that were unlikely/unthinkable not too long ago.
  • [ – ] ansm_Official reply Greed is literally destined to destroy everything we've created and ever will create.
  • [ – ] CpBrony reply €1,000 just to live stream that is ridiculous, fuck Germany.
  • pjalmighty42 reply I know Germans aren't idiots...So why, in the wide-blue hell, are they allowing this kind of stupidity? Are they THAT ignorant? Or maybe they're that brainwashed? I mean, there has to be a reason why they just keep allowing this ass-backwards stupidity and why they aren't demanding Merkel to gtfo. I guess the boiling frog syndrome is not exclusive to France...smfh...
  • stizzo reply This is a great way to kill Twitch in Germany. Large streamers will be fine sure, but the smaller ones will just abstain. My little brother streams occasionally and has never had more than 50 - 60 viewers at a time, but those that do watch him are on his stream every time it goes live. Is the message just "fuck those people, go into the stream with 20,000 concurrent viewers and unreadable spammy chat". This is why top-down authoritarians suck so much. They never think about us little people, all they see are the big fish.
  • [ – ] NightfallGloam reply What the legitimate hell? I won't stand for this, the internet needs to STAY free for everyone to express themselves. Honestly, fuck political correctness.
  • blazedu reply e-sports tournaments are gambling now? WHAT!?
  • DsimXD reply Terrible. Just awful.
  • [ – ] RiccardoBlb reply I wouldn't expect less from nazi germany. People should vote out merkel before it's too late.
  • Baconmon reply Like he stated in the video, the german government never specifies WHY they feel the need to apply RADIO licensing fees to INTERNET.. Of course we know their unofficial reason, but where is their official reason?..
  • [ – ] Waces_Ferpit reply VPNs and TOR never seemed so useful...
    • DaffanaTalks parent reply TOR downloads are now monitored. Use a different browser because the government will be sure to actively monitor your activity if they see your computer downloading TOR.
  • RetroBit reply Wow. I think everyone of sound mind should listen very careful to that speech at the end. If it doesn't make you think, or rethink your stance on speech, you very well may have already lost your cognitive ability to exercise free speech.
  • [ – ] andmc reply We the people have the power!
  • blazedu reply A stepping stone for ISP locks. Greedy douchebags.
  • blazedu reply germany, stop! Enough with the censorship.
  • truckmyad reply It's already happened before. They want to go back to TV era. They did control the media before. I was hoping people would rebel, but it does look like they will choose way of the worm
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