A Blast from the Past with Emme's First Impressions in Cairo - Egyptian Diaries

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply That was a memorable hotel room! Motel 6 and other economy places have been my norm. Nice view too! Being in new places is exciting. Lucy Duck! Thanks for sharing!
    • Roamancing parent reply This is certainly not our norm. Rather a perk when we are speaking places. Otherwise it is car camping and the Motel 6! Yeah, I think that was probably one of the best views we've ever had! Quack Quack!
  • [ – ] ManySkills reply Lucy the Duck has seen more of the world than I have. Lol.
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply very very cool
  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply Roamancing, I'd just like a vacation to that luxurious looking hotel 😍
    • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply So would we! Sadly we only stay in such luxurious hotels when we are working. In this case, this was a speaking work trip for us. We had a lot of fun and many new experiences, though.
      • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply Nice. I can recall I've been in a luxurious-ish hotel 3 times in my life. One of them was a hotel in the Reno area back in the early 00s. An ex and I wound up in a hotel with the nicest bed (waterbed) I've ever slept on. It wasn't a wavy water bed - it felt like I was resting in smooth sand. I didn't even get a full night's sleep yet it was my best sleep ever. Last time I was in Reno was around 2015. I was giving a friend a ride there from Chico so she paid for the hotel. It was decent/average but apparently the hotels were super cheap - like $30. Perhaps it was because it was in winter and occupancy seemed to low. Otherwise when I travel on my own, I typically sleep in my SUV (I can lay my body down fully in the back) or if the weather is harsh I use the Couchsurfing website.
        • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply I often car camp when road tripping too. Have never got the guts up to try couchsurfing, unless it is on a friend's couch.
          • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply I feel the site's trustworthy. I think I've done it somewhere between 5-10 times and only had 1 bad experience. Like ride share apps there's a rating system for host and guest. Often times I've lucked out and gotten nice rooms. I think only once was it an actual couch.
            • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply Nice! I wonder if that has reduced since the airbnb option presented itself. Do you mind my asking what made the one experience bad?
              • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply I've never used BNB since CS is free. The one bad experience was being hosted by a young man - I'm guessing he was 18 or 19 and he had a spare cot type thing in a garage. Problem was he had an uncle who was loudly appearing to have either a drug-induced freakout or was perhaps schizophrenic. Since he was so young I felt too bad for him to give him a bad rating so I just gave no rating. The other times were very nice. One time a host in AZ opened up her home and let me sleep in a spare room that was as luxurious as a nice hotel. That was my favorite!
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