V R Eyes [Mike Helmick]

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  • [ – ] jmaine reply Given all the lies in the news. The fact that the police are 100% complicit in so many staged shootings and alleged terror attacks. His claim that the report written by the police or child services near the end of the video, diminishes his credibility. If they are willing to lie about people being killed, then much like NASA they are willing to lie about anything. In all cases the motivation seems to be money, control and authority. Otherwise NASA is complete and obvious shit, nothing more than low grade Hollywood crap. It is sad when people can see through the globe indoctrination, but can't see past the first indoctrination. Whole E crap earth is a realm.
    • think-0utside-the-gl0be parent reply Hey thanX for your comment! I do realize what you say, and i do agree. My pov is that from every source we can take whatever suits us and the rest we can throw away. not everything is for everyone. I do agree that earth is a realm that Tesla was telling us, but it got more stronger when i realize that Heraclitus was the first one to say that Earth,is a country, not what we thing it is. Earth was always here and will always be here. No God made Earth! So Thank you for your input, and the following! I lean towards waikiwaiki opinion. It is not for the money, they can print whatever they like. It is for the enslavement and maybe because they are constructing something right next to the known Earth. Check this vid if you haven't already: https://vid.me/SfYj
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