Zombie time on bo3 (Part 2)

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  • [ – ] VatoIsLoco reply Stop Tag Spaming This is not battlefield 4
    • [ – ] MrReece parent reply Hey Vatol let you know you did not have to be so rude about it all you had to say to me is Hello Reece just have to let you know you are spamming can you please fix it that all not just that I had no idea I was spamming so have a nice day
      • [ – ] VatoIsLoco parent reply how am i being rude, all i said was stop spaming and this is not BF4
        • MrReece parent reply Hello thank for the message, Well like I said before mate I had no idea it was spamming at all because when I upload this to vidme it put my YouTube (ABOUT ME) in the subscription of the video I had no idea it did that at all. So I got up and seen what you said so I change it within 5min Oh yeah let you know I can read the game not Battlefield 4 it is call Black ops 3, Thank for letting me know have a awesome day
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