HILARIOUS! Trump/Russia Possible Collusion Music Video!

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  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply 1:43 in your video what city is that showing the Arch, the Nuclear Arch's I call them because the 911 had the smaller arch square for the satanic sacrifice of the twin towers, the larger arch's are for a nuclear false flag attack or population reduction of a much larger global agenda,
  • I3UTM reply Who knew that that the catch phrase of 2017 would be "Trump/Russia Possible Collusion?" Anything could be a possible collusion like 'US/Israel Possible Collusion.' However nothing is like 'DWS (Dwiss) / Clinton Probable Collusion.' ^.^
  • GeorgeMcGee reply They were obviously told to use the phrase " possible collusion " by a globalist puppet master who calculated those words would have the most effect. They use psyche warfare right out of the KGB manual. Stinking commies all of them. But using Russia as they have when Clinton has been literally in collusion with Russia and trying to scare the sheeple with imaginary Russian communism smells a lot like our own CIA. May God bless and make victorious the good forces within the CIA that they may defeat the dark side of the deep state. If indeed a good side exists in their ranks, as I believe it does.
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