I Actually Liked The Mummy (Forgive Me) | Movie Review

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  • Fighting_Zenith reply At least you're willing to admit that you liked it and explained why. For those who want a good, original film, go watch the 2006 Daniel Craig film Renaissance. It's stylish with its use of 3D Rotoscope. Hell, it makes me wonder why @MrEnter, @ralphthemoviemaker, or anyone else has reviewed it.
  • blindfire reply I'm skeptical of the dark universe monster movies, I do enjoy some B grade movies, but I'm not sure that's what they're going for. The true horror of the story of Dracula and Frankenstein's monster are the things they reveal about us, and I don't think Hollywood can really get that. The old classic monster movies really relied on the sheer on screen presence of the actors, and I don't think that can be duplicated anymore with our expectations of fantastic sets, scores, and special effects. Maybe if they all try to be B movies, with low expectations, that might work, but how many variations on Dead Snow can you make work with a different monster bad guy?
  • lambdog76 reply Great video, upvoed. I liked the second and third acts. Set design, effects, stunts, and cinematography were fully on point throughout, as was like you said the performance of Cruise and Sophia Boutella (who's presence is beguilling as she just ooozes a sexy exotic presence). The fourth (?) act felt like we were getting the Dark Universe ram rodded to us. The first act was extremely generic and murky. Nice to see a video highlighting the plusses. It's great to be able to get B movie enjoyment, but when you have an A list studio, an A list budget, and are fully stocked with A list actors, the movie hitting a B is a massive failure. Overall, I enjoyed the movie, but Russel Crowes bs narration at the end made me want to cut off my ears, pluck out my eyes and throw them at the screen to spare myself from ever seeing any more of that crap. Similar to Suicide Squad, we had two movies playing simultaneously, and only one of them is good, but they shoe horn the bad one anyway. Editing c...moreould have saved both movies.
  • StolenMoment reply Investors bought this stuff. Investors determine what is made. Fans arnt even secondary. Once its in the can, game over. Remember , even bad movies may have good scenes.
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