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  • [ – ] KyanFedorov reply I wanna go see it ironically because I'm pathetic. but i got no money, so i won't :v
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply I gave up on going to the movies... that's why I like there are people who care about their content and those who watch it and we can tip, sub and what not. lol, this was a funny/good review I give it 91% but really emoji movie I think is for kids who just want an easy to watch summer movie.
    • SonicMcPatriotic parent reply I don't go to movies either. I occasionally go to a video store, I might see it on the shelf one day cheap, and I'll check it out. LOL
  • ToughFly reply My entire family stopped going to theatres a few years back, every now and then we'll make an exception like the mlp movie or deadpool, but other then that we don't go.
  • Arcade-Salad reply can't believe the emoji movie is a thing who thought it was a good idea they could knew this was going to happen XD
  • Zafranic reply EMOJI MOVIE LINK DOWNLOAD OR STREAMING L`I`N`K.1 : L`I`N`K.2 : A`L`L..M`O`V`I`E :
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