#RegressiveNews: 1st of August 2017

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  • [ – ] OleCrankyGamer reply China doesn't censor!!! Who told you that? name? city? street? Signed China BTW Patreon let's AntiFas & BLM who have criminal acts all over the internet allowed
  • WolfUnwilling reply Losing a family member always sucks, pal. Sorry for the loss.
  • freerangehobo reply If being white is no longer acceptable, shall we all revert to applying the Black face, like good old Al Jolsen, before we step outside?
  • 0hhtecMusician reply It's about time stupid people got in the Oppression Olympics. Guess they were too stupid to do it earlier. Hmmm...
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply Hebrew ... that says it all. The agenda by their research is promoted for White Genocide. The White birth rate falls because Whites are disparaged from having kids. I have 4. Up yours Israel!
    • SirGalahadT parent reply Exactly. (((Who))) has the most to lose from free speech continuing. (((Who))) has the most shameful secrets in their closets? Talmudic Judaism is Jewish supremacist religion that believes goys only exist to serve the Jews, as stated by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who was given the largest funeral ever seen in Israel. And that's just for starters
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Free speech, those days went. It will all back fire on the mindset the Khazars designed on us (The Goyim Know). Best wishes to you and your family at this difficult time. ..... Oh, another thing, civic nationalism = slow death for Whites.
  • GarrettDark reply Related to the "Patreon de-platforming", Jordan Peterson just had his gmail / YT account taken away without warning or explanation, appeals denied, then when this was publicized it was restored without explanation. You are absolutely right it's worrying that we're using their tools and are so dependent on them. I hope somebody is building decentralized social media and uncontrolled OS's for smartphones and desktops right now, because we need them right now.
  • [ – ] 0hhtecMusician reply I pray for your family member.
    • 0hhtecMusician parent reply It's very sad to see my favorite content creator, the legend himself, lose someone close. I can't speak for everyone, but I will miss your content that you make yourself, but I am glad that your family has such a great member who will take a break just for them. You're a great man, Mr. Cullen, a great man with a great mind and a great channel.
  • 0hhtecMusician reply Thank you dave for thr amazing content and the great analyses that make very good points and are very accurate
  • SirGalahadT reply Coming soon - an internet "9/11". We've had a preview in the form of ransomware, so expect something bigger next time. As a result, we'll only be able to use the internet after providing an id.
  • Kikazaru reply God I can feel the radiation of these idiots in me. I feel like smashing in heads of these people so much with my metal bat. Just, AAAAAAAAAAA
  • KevinXY1989 reply use third party apps!!!
  • Ndoki reply And don't worry, I'm not supporting the enemy. No Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google...
  • Ndoki reply Patreon? As in the same place that shut down Lauren Southern's account? I'm not surprised he hasn't thought about the important issues. He seems to have a "take their money now, and shut them down later if we decide to" sort of approach.
  • Unhipalmond360 reply Screw Patreon. Go to Paypal, they provide the same type of services and are pro-freedom.
  • danielclements reply This is why "Net Neutrality" needs to be defeated!!!
  • JohnnyG1 reply Am new to Vidme. Youtube, feels, is becoming stale, and much, much, less appealing. Here to check out the landscape. Vidme? Bless you, but your "main page", at a glance, is... well, it's... just kinda lame. Will take a better look. Must be fair. But why, for example, did I have to dig to see this content? This video, and many others, if you want to make Vidme appealing to newbie like myself, needs to be easier to access. Telling you all. Getting reeeal tired of Youtube. Looking for a new watering hole. Hoping Vidme can help. Beef up your main pages' content, please:) .
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Having a SJW education is the biggest privilege and should send them back at least 4 privilege points. Followed by having a University education privilege card. These SJW now have many strikes against them because of their specialized training which they consider as privilege so they need to realize this as a reason they need to not be heard, because it would be using their privilege to oppress those that don't have the same SJW degree. It's time they lived up too their standards of privilege and stopped oppressing the rest of the world and telling the rest of society of how privileged they are, with their SJW privilege degrees.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply People when those in charge say something that is politically incorrect then it's time to ban them by finding another service, look what has happened to Starbucks. It's went against Trump and now they are forced to close over 100 stores. These previous owners suffered because of the SJW Executive, so have many other business that respond to the SJW. China is a Communist Country, they aren't responding to SJW culture, it's Globalism that is submitting to Communist Ideology. Why stop there just hand over your APPS to the Centralized Communist Regime. Why not start a GO fund Me to sew Patron SJW implication, then this money can be used to keep Patron in check.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Teacher: Okay kids... who's the most oppressed???? Class: MEEeee!!!!11onetwo Teacher: yayyy Me:smdh
  • GlennTheFrog reply You can acquire a VPN application, just not through the Apple store.
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