Shark Plays Minecraft ep 57

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  • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries reply Gonna tell you right away, they don't want XP traps. That's not allowed that we've been told on Gold. The mobs not doing anything seems to be a thing and I don't know why. I've come across that quite a few times caving.
    • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries parent reply ...since when do you not get to teleport after a certain level of depth? I do it all the time... I guess a few things have changed from Gold moving from Diamond?
      • SharkPlaysGames parent reply they might have changed it but sometime back i remember i couldn't TP after a certain depth.
      • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries parent reply There's a cooldown for a few things unless you spend money, iirc. I did some time ago so that might be why.
        • SharkPlaysGames parent reply ya. the TP has a cool down. i think i'm still registered as a doner on the diamond server. at least i hope so lol
        • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries parent reply Alright.. hmm.. well, I guess the server isn't so much interesting because of how much they have to do to keep it running with minimum lag and to make it more fair all around. Most of the massive lag comes from people that spam buying from auction or market place, iirc.. as well as towns going into disrepair when payments are no longer made to keep them up. A single-player ( possibly with your choice of mods even ) is likely to be more interesting/more stuff actually going on.. or just playing with a friend may make some things more interesting. As always, it's up to you and I'm still around. ...maybe that's why you aren't getting people talking too? ._. Maybe I'm around talking too much.. gah...
          • SharkPlaysGames parent reply i'm sure it would be. some time back a bunch of friends and i played on a server we set up but we didn't keep at it and couldn't afford it after a while. i even recorded some but it was when i was in a down period with my video making and i think i since deleted the videos. its tough for me to set up colabs with people because i'm in a totally different time zone than most. i'm trying to get one set up with DannyFinest though. nah, you're good :) go ahead and comment away :)
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