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  • deadvcr reply It makes sense. These people only want in so they can get their gender change surgeries for free, which will cost the country billions. This was a very smart move, no matter how much people slam Donald Trump.
  • AceAcer2 reply Something tells me it's to prevent the zillions of genders to contaminate the paperwork. Also like deadvcr said many of those are using the military to have free stuff then they get out for "medical" reasons. Also the gender crap can be a nightmare because of the amount of paperwork the military needs nornally so imagine with all the zillions of genders. However if the transgender let the gender stuff out of the way and do his job as a soldier it shouldn't be a problem. But again, the military isn't a place for politics and gender identity - if a special snowflake go in the military to prove a point or to change the military to make it "more inclusive" this one will have a heck of a surprise. I don't think the staff and officers in the military want "diversity" in the army, they want soldiers doing their job. I think Trump banned the transgenders to avoid having to lower the standards for the training - which could have cause the loss of lives on the battlefield. Lets not forge...moret he took this decision after consulting with his generals - those are more aware of the situation of the transgenders in the military than he is and they surely had some interesting things to point out about it. I don't think a ban was necessary tho, a simple warning that the gender crap would not be tolerated in the military but as long as you are doing your job and don't ask for favor treatment then you are welcome to join.
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