To Trump fans: I guess facts have "a liberal bias" (not literally)

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  • Auceza reply You are wrong in many ways. But i support free speech and like your appearances. I upvoted your video because you try to argue. Also your nose piercing, your beard and your glasses are amazing, dude. :-D Trump! #Maga
  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee reply OK bro, so let me preface this by saying I’m a fan of yours and fan of Trump at the same time. Let’s look at what you said, correct me if I’m wrong. You can’t have a reasonable conversation with someone who believes: 1. Trump won the popular vote. 2. Outraged over long held traditions over a Caesar play. 3.Trump Jr. did not meet with Russians. 4.Trump is pro LGBT 5.Not impeach if “collusion” is proven. 6. Russia wanted Clinton to win. So here goes, if you will allow me: 1. Trump did not win the popular vote as it was counted. He won the Electoral College. That’s all he wanted to do. Numerical popularity is not how we choose presidents. We are now eradicating all forms of voter fraud so next election we shall see the fruits of that. Until then it’s only conjecture that the Democrats cheated by voter fraud. 2. A Shakespeare play was used to protest the outcome of the election. Would a play about lynching Obama performed during his years have upset anyone? When you pla...morey, “let’s pretend to kill the president” it stinks any way you do it. 3. Trump Jr. probably did meet with Russians. Clinton did many things with Russians. Did you not know? 4. Trump’s America will always co-exist peacefully with the LGBT community. They will be tolerated and protected from harassment. Would you prefer the Sharia Law now growing in Europe? That’s what the Democrats have in mind for you. Thrown off the rooftops. I have pictures. Muslims are gay-killing machines, Trump will save you from them. This is not a joke. 5. The term “collusion with Russians” was planted by globalist puppet masters into the narrative. When ever anyone says “collusion with Russians” it’s a trigger to the mind of severe wrong doing. The truth is conspiracy is a crime. But only if it’s proven to be detrimental to the people of the United States. Liberals want desperately to stop Trump because in their collective subconscious they know this will lead to the overturning of Roe VS. Wade and this is the ultimate nightmare for liberals. The struggle continues. 6. Understand the Russian mindset. Women are inferior. Putin would have an easier time fighting against Clinton in a war of words. Putin would have to work much harder to debate Trump. But when nukes are involved, Putin would rather have a man in control. Women are too impulsive and irrational. This is the Russian mindset. The Russians would never really respect a female American president. That’s nobodies fault but the Russians and we have no control over their thoughts. So I think Putin is glad Trump won. (Forgive me my Russian friends, it’s just the impression I get.) Kizzume, I respect you and your work. I always will be a fan. You are worth debating and talking about. And the main drive of your video is conversations with a Trump supporter, so I hope you want this kind of comment to reach out to you. “I want to reach to you not preach to you!" That’s my new line, what do you think?
    • Auceza parent reply Also lots of illegals voted in sanctuary cities. The Dems are caught organizing massive amounts of voter fraud.
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