Chunk and Hassan do Politicon!

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  • Ndoki reply So let me get this straight: Riots where people are beaten, given concussions, and have rocks thrown at them are "peaceful" But Richard Spencer saying he wants to preserve his own people's culture is violent? Yeah, that seems right.
  • funandreviews reply expand (possible spam) just seen it a third time, did hussan actually defend isis and cenk praised him?really?
  • frankblackcrow reply Chunk, i hate that guy,, and his side kick,, rat face girl.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply YT = Arse Speak.
  • Platypus67 reply This hassan guy must be one of the most arrogant narcissistic braindead idiots I've seen in a loooong time; and I'm absolutely not surprised he's gonckh's nephew - this kind of massively douchy self aggrandizement obviously lies within their family...
  • funandreviews reply expand (possible spam) is he smoking, snorting, or just eating shrooms? cause if he thinks his nephew "dominated" or thought he did well, he needs to lay off a bit.
  • fibercut reply That YT girl is stuck up acting like typical suburbanite!
  • frankblackcrow reply New word in chunk's vocabulary, DUMBINNATED, fairly reasonable that dumb would be innate to that family.
  • frankblackcrow reply The Obama stop the drama t-shirt for a political debate,, that's a great move, shows his terrorist inclinations as a clothing item,, not sure that he understands that what Obama did to the U.S economy was economic terrorism, considering that the amount of now needing to pay more and more interest on an already hight payment on the national debt is higher that it needs to be,, was increased 10 fold under Obama as the terrorist in charge of the U.S,, silly cunt.
  • frankblackcrow reply Someone named the guy Hassan,, in America, unlucky cunt. That poor girl sitting next to him looks like she might be sitting next to a terrorist,, having a TheYukTurds mug on the desk indicates it's a lost cause,, I wonder how long it took her to bail on him and his self loathing anger. Spell check Hassan, possible sleeper.
  • KekistaniEthnoNationalist reply Hassan is insulting JonTron's glorious likeness while he is rocking Beaker the Muppets haircut.
  • flipnoble reply That's not Hassan, that's Steven Crowder.
  • flipnoble reply That's not Hassan, that's Steven Crowder.
  • noego reply > Milo is a pedo PROJECTION... I think someone's eventually going to be non-fake news when it is discovered he's into the whole "dancing boy" scene.
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