Introducing e-reparations! White guilt on the go ..

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  • Pykmi reply I stopped watching when the guy with a nose ring and lipstick came out, with the title of moderator no less. I just could not go on further with this nonsense. Sorry Bearing, I just couldn't. I literally started to feel sick thinking that there is an actual web site on the internet, pretending to be legit and purposeful, like it's saving the world or something, with only one purpose which is for non-white people to tell white people to give them stuff. Even worse, there are white people with enough pathological white guilt to actually post stuff for them for FREE. Seriously... we have no reached the point where I feel there is no coming back for humanity.
  • MacSplodie reply I DEFINITELY identify as a black person now. Yo what is up homey? And, I carry hot sauce with my purse...because I also identify as a trans person...who is also black. Do I get bonus rewards for that?
  • TheRealHawkeye reply I offer everyone a life without permanent poverty. 1. Study hard and graduate. 2. Don't become a parent while you're a teen and don't become a single parent. 3. Get a job and work hard. 4. Profit
  • [ – ] Sharpwing reply All of the money that site makes could be used to feed orphans, cure cancer, fund the clean water project or be donated to a family whose house just burned down. Instead they want to use this site to exploit money out of white people for minorities who act like my Dad's irresponsible sister. People wonder why white people are becoming racist again. If all this reparations crap didn't come from people who didn't just want free shit and be dickheads to get it all the time, people wouldn't think these races are vindictive. Pay up whitey does not make you deserving of a man's hard earned money. They work and most of these people demanding reparations don't. I don't care what BLM, Feminists or whoever says, that's fucking racist. You're outright demanding money from someone who may or may not be related to a slave owner just because of their skin color. Never mind the fact that we're not responsible for the actions of our ancestors or that our ancestors may have been abolitionists. (The whi...morete people who freed your ancestor's asses in the first place) I suppose by that logic, every black person is responsible for every black child killer. No of course not, that would be racist. These rules are universal, deny them to one race because reasons and you're a fucking racist. Jew, Black man, white.
    • [ – ] Debrajo33 parent reply Yeah, it's hard not to be angry. But most are not like this snd would not beg on a site like this. You're right, tho.
      • Sharpwing parent reply That's what make me mad. These people are the same who threaten my friends of a different skin color whether it be KKK or subsects of BLM, these people are protecting all minorities but the ones who disagree with them. We have a word for that. It's called an ASSHOLE.
  • beautifulinwhite reply Gives me dat
  • Debrajo33 reply I reckon you're right. If it was a site where we could legitimately help each other, fine. Not matter which way I identify, (since I know my family I could never hold one person responsible for paying another based on a myth.
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply From 1945 London's non Whites have been given council housing formerly given to the native working class Whites. You have our homes and jobs (you have government priority). You jave nothing more to give.
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Give me money !
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