Who is the Hacker ANONYMOUS? - Found Footage

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  • [ – ] SirRidealot reply Good old days of phreaking. Fravia time. Since then there are many fake "Anonymous" "hackers" proliferating around the net. Including some YouTube channels that have over a million subscribers. Notice how this clip presents "LOL" is "evil corruption of...". That's nineties. Good ole days when I was young and dumb. In those days the MIRS chat and BBS groups ere still around. You could easily create a command line access linux terminal and SSH to it, then SSH to another and another. The days of the "wield west" of the internet before FakeBook, Twatter and DontTube. Today KEK is the new LOL :) Awesome retro style fear mongering. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of my roaring twenties. Big monitors, mechanical keyboards, first release of Age of Empires and Unreal Tournament, DOOM Quake and a lot of sex. I guess in 20 years we will look at the KEKs, RussianHackers and ShitLords in the same way. :)
    • [ – ] CoffeeWithComment parent reply ...And great Meme wars for that matter. Glad you enjoyed it- I thought it was too hilarious not to repost. And it definitely wasn't on Vidme yet. It's really a reminder that the current wave of shit posting and online harrasment really isn't much different from the good old days... it's just on different platforms and we get WAY better reactions from the libtards.
      • SirRidealot parent reply Indeed. How could I've missed the Memes! In the nineties we would wait for a porn jpeg to download for about 20 minutes. Today with the current speed and vid editing soft and photoshop the Memes are possible and libtards got on to technology too. Invading our holly cyber-punk domain with their pronouns. Firing our veterans form Google for speaking their mind. I got to get better an memeing...
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