fidget spinners, a boy, and me ("Oh" - Original Song Explanation + Analysis)

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  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply I almost bought a fidget spinner today just to troll @CrazyRocky but $16.99 seems a little steep for a glorified yo-yo. Did you say you're sweating balls? lol I am definitely going to pick a random content creator and say that out of context. If you're depressed you shouldn't call yourself names. Hey, I'm a troll and I don't talk to you that way, why should you talk to yourself that way. Just think like...would it be ok for someone else to call me something like that? Would it be ok for me to call someone else that for their low-energy that is probably a direct result of depression? I'm not a nice guy, but even I don't think that's ok. >:(
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Fite me
    • [ – ] PieAndLove parent reply heC K yeah that is pretty steep... this same dude that I mentio in this vid bought a $70 spinner after buying and returning a $12 one that was sharp on the edges and essentially was like a spinning ninja star and like . . . ??? why would you buy a $70 spinning thing just get an Actual Yo-yo...... yes I did say i was sweating balls i have no idea why that was the first thing i thought of at that moment in time but hec k ...I think I've heard the "why would you call yourself things like that if you wouldn't let other people do that?" thing before but I guess I've just gotten used to it? So it doesn't phase me unless it's called to my attention that yeah, that isn't a good way to talk about myself, and yes, I should stop, but old habits die very very hard........... heck
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply It's not a stupid title and neither are you. I love you so much and I know what you're going through. If you ever need to talk about anything at all! Anything! Let me know. Boys can be dicks! And anyone would be lucky to have you! I love that you broke down the song and shared what each line meant to you. I feel like I got to know you a lot better :)
    • [ – ] PieAndLove parent reply Thank you, Marzie. You're too sweet. <3 Anyone would be hella lucky to have me!!!!!!!!! That's The Truth!!!!!!! I'm glad you feel that way! I hoped to shed some light on the song and I'm glad I did. Also, thank you for the tip!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply The most objective way I can put relationships is they're all about chemistry and timing. If you don't have both things tend to fall apart or never start. The emotional roller coaster still sucks and I hope you get through the pain as healthily with as much or as little time that you need. There will be other opportunities for love though so look forward to that. Just some unasked for advice from some random stranger on the internet. Good luck to you.
    • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply Yes, yes, good thought from theoldsparrow, but @PieAndLove if you want advice from a villain you could (1) go on an expedition to the Amazon and find an mystical amulet in which to capture his soul and force him to be your love slave for all time (2) build a temporal warp generator and trap him in a time loop on a day when he has woken up suffering from really bad food poisoning after eating at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet the night before (3) You could erase his digital existence, kidnap him, implant him with a slow release LSD pill, dye rainbows into his hair, shave the sides of his head, dress him in leather, and drop him in Mumbai at 1:00am (4) You could hire a teen supermodel to catfish him in real life and then have her tell him she's decided to move to Thailand and have a sex change (5) You could summon a fairy to transform him into a beast and gift him with a magical rose that will wilt until his 21st birthday after which he will be cursed to remain a beast for the rest of...more his life unless he learns to truly love and be loved, or going back to building a time machine (6) you could build one, invent artificial intelligence, program it to assassinate his mother and then pick his closest friend and send him back in time to protect his young vulnerable mother and ultimately become his father and then when he and his young father become friends in regular time send another cyborg back to that time just to tell him in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent "This guy did you mom. You got PUNKT" Those are just my suggestions. If you finish building your time machine and AI before mine, I need to borrow them for a day...for science.
    • PieAndLove parent reply Thanks, man. Your advice is always appreciated. <3
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply The worst pain I ever experienced was with the rejection I felt from the relationships I had as a teenager. It was like if someone I liked/loved rejected me, then I must not be worth loving, or even liking. I took that as a reason to hate myself and blame myself for being so worthless. The truth was, however, that I am lovable and likable no matter who sees it or validates it. It took me quite awhile to realize that. It sucks not to be validated by others. What sucks worse is not to be validated by ourselves. No one can hurt us like we can. I'm sorry things didn't work out in your relationship. People's tastes are ephemeral. They change constantly. And some people just aren't nice. On the positive side, you are very talented and special. Nobody can take you from you, no matter how evil or misguided they are. I hope you can learn to see the truth about who you are and to ignore the opinions of others that don't strengthen and support you. Keep fighting for Bela! She needs you. Thanks f...moreor sharing the behind the scenes with us! That was very brave of you. And "Oh" is a good title. It speaks of surprise, which seems to pertain to where you're at right now. Surprised and shocked how things turned out.
    • PieAndLove parent reply I know the reasons that this guy likely did what he did, and they're not things that I fault myself for. The problems are with him, because any issues he had with my worth or who I am were about stuff I couldn't and wouldn't dare change about myself because they make me who I am. I'm kinda glad that I've managed to maintain that mindset throughout everything. Because, yeah, we are totally our own worst enemy. Which does very much suck. Thanks, dude, you're right. Bela definitely needs me, lmao. No problem about the behind-the-scenes stuff, I felt like I just needed to share it, yknow? ...That's very true. I guess it is a good title, then.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Who's this boy!!! Screw him he's a punk!!!! He is missing out...Homie pie is too good for him. 11 years of music wow. I really appreciate the song break down that was pretty interesting to understand the meaning behind the lyrics. Take care of your self I hope you are able to get your strength up! "Living is hell"... I might steal that one. Oh is great but a better title would be "be careful punk boy rocky and Rawman are coming to fight you to the death!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was probably not your target audience for this video but this is really interesting.
    • [ – ] PieAndLove parent reply He is a streamer and that is all I will say about him lmao. He's definitely missing out that's for sure. Mmhmm! 11 whole years is crazy to think about but like... It's paid off?? I think!! I'm tryin I'm tryin mdude It's the truth it is p hell oh my god i will change it to that immediately and he will fear for his life My target audience was... everyone... I guess...? so you're included in that!
      • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply Is it PewdiePie? Is it Markiplier? It's Markiplier isn't? I WARNED him!
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Tell me more and he will be sleeping with the fishes. So he's still a streamer! Just not with games and not how he'd like! Your music is wonderful and yes it shows you are super professional. Don't change it to that because me and rocky means people don't get team picked lol. True actually haha yeah I am the target audience!
        • PieAndLove parent reply LOLOLOLOOLOLOL Professional is what I try to be but bOY it is rought !!!oh shit thats tru i will not be changing it then not 2day!!!!
  • FrostyGalaxy reply awesome video you've made some great ones
  • Marzipandorica reply Like ASMR, I just don't get fidget spinners. I'm pretty sure both will be the downfall of society.
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