Extreme Climate change

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Greenland ICE sheet where the petrified trees from the record of the 100,000 years. The last Climate Change Era before man cause Global Warming. There a 10000000 percent increase in Fire ants an invasive species are breading. It's not because of Global Warming but some one brought in an invasive species these fire ants which are killing and eating there way across America and parts of Australian outback. The same can be said about the Killer bees, there wiping out the native bees. This proves that insects reproduce and have been on the planet longer than man. So to get to my point Global Warming is caused by insects invading ecosystems where they don't belong. They release Gas in there attempt to concur their enemies. The dead tree stumps in Greenland must be the result of an invasive type of Termite after they destroyed the Forest of Greenland this ushered in the last ICE AGE. We need to start an aggressive campaign to destroy all insects to save the planet. LOL Didn't I just prov...moree that insects are responsible for Climate Change.
  • XeysyeX reply Looks like some kind of moss.
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