YouTube Removes Monetization For Smaller Channels With New Rules

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  • ShinyBigBoo reply Glad I'm on vidme! Can I steal some followers?? :Boo laugh:
  • XandyPants reply since YouTube matches ads with videos through a fully-automated process, this seems kinda necessary to me; it's hard to get upset that they're essentially trying to avoid spam. at the same time, has a way to prevent this, too: you have to manually apply for channel verification through another human being that works there. once this platform gets big enough, though, that's not gonna work anymore, so I don't know..this is legitimately complicated for any video hosting site where creators can somehow make money.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Youtube can GO TO FUCKING HELL!! I don't respect them anymore after they lied about the unsubscribe glitch that they about years back
  • [ – ] BenjiJames reply Aaayyyyy!! It's Censored Gaming!! :D FOLLOWED **clicks notification bell** FO SHIZZLE!! Now let me never say "fo shizzle" ever again... except for just then haha
  • Maxemole reply I don't really see the problem with this. I think people are just jumping on the bandwagon here. If you have less than 10k views you made maximum 10 dollars. You can't even cash out until you hit 100 dollars. Also, YouTube requires you to be verified? So does VidMe. VidMe also does some shady stuff in terms of censorship that they aren't telling people about. It'll be interesting to see where the two go.
  • PUREGAMINGDNA reply YouTube is dying. I have lost all faith in it over the past year. Vidme is going from strength to strength and actually helps small channels gain exposure. Something YouTube never ever does. Great video man!
  • SamEarl13 reply Considering I only ever made $1.40 and have just over 8200 lifetime views I honestly don't care if I lose monetisation and it would make sense since most people under 10k views never make anything they can withdraw. The content review worries me though since it could easily be abused just like the copyright and strike system is.
  • TheMunch reply Good video man :)
  • Vozeb reply I hate theese new rules on Youtube! Loved your vid!!
  • Taci7us reply I think that the 10,000 views rule is somewhat fair because if you haven't hit 10,000, you probably haven't made enough for adsense to give you money anyways. However, YouTube has been doing some shady shit lately and I think I'm going to come to vidme.
  • Gazeth_Sonica reply Ah your on Vidme! Nice! Now i can unsub from YT and follow you here.
  • Verty reply Thanks for the video, I was wondering why last night all my videos were labeled as not able to be monitized.
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