This is your brain on religion: Christian kid wants jihad.

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  • TwoGothsInTheWoods reply My man... you are legend! I've followed your YouTube since late 2015. I love all your stuff. Stay Saucy, Mr. Slenderman!
  • KyleMomo reply Good to see you on here, Undoomed. 👍 Consider yourself followed
  • yourvagismysafespace reply Where can I get the cliff notes version of the Bible that these type of retards use to back their beliefs?
  • Trumpenator reply Gospel? Please enlighten me one verse moron, im curious he thinks Gremlins were Christian Crusaders? Wheres Chucky when we need him.
  • Trumpenator reply Yeah why dont you go see Isis and tell them you are a Christian who wants Jihad, it be the only time i condone Muslims sending a stupid Christian to front lines screaming out praise jesus as you bomb yourself, let me know when you go to heaven and get your 77 tramsgenders.
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