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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Most of the tactics of the left rely on shaming, shame on you for going to work and building a future, form the University Student who can afford to spend years in studies so they can talk down to everyone. California moves to jail people who use the wrong pronoun!
  • coon_my_dude reply There is one thing I waited for you to articulate yet you didn`t. Given what I know about your philosophical tastes that seemed a bit odd to me, but... I think it all boils down to one simple factor of radicalization, catalyst like none other: victim mentality or otherwise, persecution complex. Obviously, among other catalysts, but that`s what I`d reckon could be concluded from many of the points you made here. Or else, in Nietzschean terms, the slave morality: if you`re being wronged, you`re in the right. Now I talked about it back in the end of 2015 in regards to how social justice movement is built upon slave morality of the same strain that religious leaders of the ancient times used on their parishioners, but the same could be said about the white nationalist movement. Especially given that persecution complex the Germans were fed in 1930s contributed to the rise of national-socialism in the first place. All that it takes to radicalize a disenfranchized group or even a single indi...morevidual is to give them the validation of their victimhood, showcase how their weakness and helplessness is actually the virtue, formulate an external enemy to push all responsibility onto, and - which is important - promise a utopia in reward to them beng good adherents of the cult. Be it heaven in the afterlife, a communist utopia, or a secure future for the hwite chillins. And in the wake of how one such group gives rise and growth to another by using the exact same tactics on their new recruits and feeding the masses same opium under varying labels, only to then deem the other side`s opium the real root of all evil - all you can do is stay immune from this mentality. It`s like the saying we`ve got, "one hand washes another" - one strain of lunatic helps give the other ammo and fuel, in which case the only way to break the cycle is to not give in to the complex they try to appeal to and be responsible for one`s own actions and convictions.
  • OctopusOnFire reply Tribalism is true and a powerful thing. We're wired to trust what's familiar and be wary of what's not. The problem comes when we use this not as a way to explain human behavior, but as an excuse to justify it. Tribalism served us well in the past, but today we need a more nuanced approach on how we deal with each other.
  • keikomushi reply Hey, Nick! I think that quite a few of us are getting fed up of the "betrayer" mentality of the left and the right. It is frustrating and creates a barrier to solving problems facing the world today.
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Well said :) I am not a very political savvy person , but I agree
  • Astronomical110 reply hmmm... anyone else having problems with video playback on chrome?
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