S2 E92 Why Recognizing Truth and Conspiracy is Necessary

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  • [ – ] JamonefeTV reply U need to give us a separate video a way for us individually to help the masses to wake up and help create change now
    • digitalbroadcasts parent reply JamonefeTV - Check this guy's channel out. Zach, is the code breaker that is waking up the masses. Here's his Vidme channel. https://vid.me/freetofindtruth Tonight's his regular radio show on Truth Frequency Radio, the Gematria Effect, 6-9 PM PST [OFFICIAL] TFR's The Gematria Effect http://tfrlive.com/zacharyhubbard/ just click "listen LIVE" at 8PM EST.
  • [ – ] JamonefeTV reply 8 views that's a dam shame this is great knowledge
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