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  • [ – ] ehCanadianGeek reply Rogers is one of the worst companies, especially for mobile. My mother got a plan with them, Not even an entire month in and her first bill was almost 400 dollars. She kept getting notifications that her phone is going to be cut off if she didn't pay. And all she did was text, and then make calls that lasted no longer than 5 minutes. The shitty part was it was supposed to be "Unlimited calling and texting". That's one thing I hate about providers, if the things are "unlimited" why do they feel the need to keep track of that shit then. My internet is "unlimited" and whenever I talk to them they feel the need to go "You have used --- amount of data this month". Now I'm annoyed.
    • GeekWisdom parent reply They have horrible customer service. No one there knows how to deal with even the simplest problem. Thank God I haven't had to deal with them in a while now.
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