New Chinese EMDrive Could Take You To Mars in Ten Days!

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  • GreatPlanesOfWW3 reply This is cool. But, I'm new, I'm an animator, and I don't have any followers yet. Would you guys watch my animated short? You can watch it here:
  • Star_Wars6collector reply You know how simple it is to make a magnetic engine that would last up to 400 years with powerful magnetic fusion, the UFO disks use a few different size magnets, but a real star ship with a gyro to take away the G force as well as properly insulating the star ship would help, as well as knowing how to use vortex magnetic energy, it can be a few stage chamber magnetic fusion engine to harness the vortex energy,
  • basic_goku reply And im on the block
  • [ – ] fignal reply Anything capable of moving something that great of a distance in so little time must have terrific speed. I wonder if someone could be able to go that fast without getting splattered by G-forces and acceleration?
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I have some video's on how to make new earth planets,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply NASA is using my plasma engine idea, so I know full well what I am talking about, just like I know how to make New Earth planets from any rocky planet that has rotation,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply gyros take away or lessen any effect of the G forces, having seen UFO's up close one would know they use a magnetic pulse engine that uses vortex or harnesses the vortex energy, plasma energy is also working in this factor,
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