TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF TAG (+ my cringy video making history and when I watch YouTube)

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply @askagangsta was one of your first subs back in the day! That's pretty sick! My favourite question is #7 *troll Face* This was actually pretty interesting I might consider this type of thing my self but I might ramble for 29 mins on #7 like the good old days (don't know if you was about to see them days haha)
    • [ – ] AmandaFood parent reply Your rants 💚 and comments I can watch a 20 min video from you anyway btw and the giveaway can't wait for that one lol
    • [ – ] nodetact parent reply That kind of thing happens, the world really can be a small place. OF COURSE... that's your favorite question! *rolls eyes* Yeah, I like reviews of even the rival and/or obvious competitors. 29 minutes... hey, wait a minute! That's as close to my limit without any of the Vidme the badges as I can get, you dweeb! >:U I think we all felt like YouTube was our home at some point in our lives, but it just wasn't going to amount to the feelings we'd eventually have and may never have gotten had we refused to be crazy enough to use Vidme (or rational? Free speech minus hate speech flip side social medias don't seem all too bad! And also, look at how awkward even now my other platforms get for me to look at other feeds as well as chat, lol). I swear we all are gonna have our "hey, I was woke first, you claim effed ass!" moments as to what got us so motivated to "find more cheese", but not only do you truly not want to have been on Vidme during the REALLY EARLY STAGES (i.e. pornography moder...moreation and an even stricter T.O.S. than no hate speech), but no matter who, what, where, when, why and how we come to be, we cannot forget what happened here, and if that sounds too generalized, I'll try to link you guys to a clip in a @danielamann video where he inspired me a lot over at a university campus. ;_D
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply I'm trying to increase my troll ability with intelligence. It's getting fun to be both. I'm gunna make everything I do a satire so I can get away with everything and blame it as comedy muhahaha. Wait till I murder someone then call it a parody!! That's the final goal.
      • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply i miss Daniel for sure.
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Yes! Him and mrfancycar! 2011 was a weird year for sure! I told AmandaFood about that one day and when he joined vidme nostalgia hit me in the head for sure! ... ikr? and I honestly feel you. I cut somethings out of this video (my editing software lagged so you can see that). And I have watched one of "those days" videos, I actually commented about how anxious I get when commenting on videos because what if someone has a more heartfelt or funny thing to say? But now... I comment on 80% of videos (even though I may have more stupid shit to say than other people) I watch thanks to that video (I took a comment hiatus recently). So ... I get the jist of what you're saying ☺
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply I don't know that car dude unfortunately. Yeah those was the days. Where YouTubers all had potential now you got more chance winning the "Rawman channel giveaway" which is 100% real and NOT a meme for a potential video....haha. A comment hiatus is sometimes essential. I've been cutting back a lot. I use to be way more crazy with comments months ago. I was like the #1 "comment terrorist" (Jenny fedora would call me that lol). But that title was worn with pride and my comment history is pretty gangsta hahaha.
        • thy_koosk parent reply Idk what he's up to these days tbh... and they were... and I cant wait! 😂 It really is, and damn... that is one nickname for sure! I couldn't come up with that. Also, I bet your comment history was! 😂😂😂
  • [ – ] yuiopads reply The year is 2032: Youtube Puts ball & Chain on Pewdiepie and make him play horror games again. Everyone misses 2017 Pewdiepie. Youtube now charges everyone 5 Bitcoin to upload a video and an extra 2 Bitcoin if you want it monetized. Every time you say a bad word like doofus or dunderhead, you get fined 1 bitcoin & the New York Times & Firewatch creator condemn you on Twitter. Because of tech advancements Transgender people begin cybernetically enhancing themselves with motion trackers, wrist rockets & Built in bigot lock-on guided cissles, Which are deployed if you haven't memorized the 3542455234.4 1/2 genders. Idubbz finally dies of cancer & minecraft youtubers begin doing occult sacrifices
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Nooo was it ghost or booboo i am nervous nowww
  • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply I did a cover of American Idiot, my version and YT made me share my earnings with Green Day. Sucked.
  • [ – ] IdiotComedy reply Good idea for a video.
  • [ – ] christina_church reply aw i hope your cat is home soon!
  • [ – ] Excell reply Keep up the hard work @thy_koosk
  • [ – ] BarnaBench reply Nice Video :) I Like you an watch now your Videos :) I am from German and love your Video :)
    • thy_koosk parent reply Danke 😊 Froh, dass du es genossen hast. Ich komme aus USA. Ich bin schlect, Deutch zu sprechen. Ich werde bald deine Videos ausprobieren. (I ran a good chunk of that through Google translate)
  • [ – ] American_Devil reply So I pulled all my videos from YouTube in December 2017, I was never monetized but between the bots the algorithms and general trolls, I was just done...I was one of those guys who used his real name too, bad Idea...I had local trolls case and target my house and family for theft... Well here we are a short time later, those trolls have been delt with and are very sorry...VERY, :) Thought I would make some videos again and vidme seemed a good fit... Yep vidme Is a breath of fresh air, great commentary, hope You find your kitty, :)
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