Evis Plays Sonic Mania PC Pt2: The Weird Sewers Under Studiopolis

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  • [ – ] BurningArchaes reply Didn't know that was a trap, everyone I've seen play that stage always uses the ramps, no wonder it takes them so long to catch up.
    • Eviscerator_MK2 parent reply Yep Blue Sphere 5 & 6 live for making you lose time with stuff you are told is helpful but only hinders you in those stages but yeah ramps slow you down (which is something I learned through my own trial & error in this video starting here https://youtu.be/DgIw8qXEeCg?list=PLxl9vEXLsFQs15lt_9OvnQuDdytkfiFdB&t=540 ) in those stages it's best to focus on the UFO & not your ring count or getting spheres as ideally you should be able to get the Emeralds without having to hit Mach 3.
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