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  • duffy reply Great video :D Really useful information. And nicely shot and edited!
  • Malene_Simonsen reply @kltanews5 yes it is. Premium costs money, but it's more than useable for free :) (I use it too)
  • KaiKipzRulz reply This video was super cool! We should collab sometimes! Maybe a double storytime?? That would be cool! (Ugh fine i just want to be your friend XD)
  • kltanews5 reply Except picMonkey is not free. It's $48/year or $8/month
  • FrameByFrame reply Would you be interested in a collab? I'm a movie reviewer, and am trying to find other people on Vidme to collab with?
  • Sentenza_Gaming reply Will have to look into the RODE Videomic go. Sounds really good and I always loved Rode mics.
  • dancrivelli reply cool thanks for sharing, what next item for your setup are you craving?
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