Sex Robots & The Breakdown of Gender Dynamics

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  • [ – ] Ndoki reply Ah yes, all women should have free access to sex toys, and men's should be banned. Good ol' feminism.
    • Platypus67 parent reply Why don't we FINALLY ban these sickening feminazi dry-cunts?! Maybe we should convert them into something useful - like fertilizer! So these harpies could help 'rise' something like ... uhmm, carrots, for example...
  • [ – ] Tatsuya1221 reply Tbh, sex dolls and by extension sex robots are just sex aids, unable to replace a real woman, the problem is that feminism and the general traits of a good portion of women these days is both disgusting and disturbing to men, as such fantasies take over for the real thing simply because a fantasy won't try to destroy you for the simplest thing, won't mock your insecurities and more importantly, won't try to destroy you. Many people are quick to deny and insult the past where women had less rights and religion was far more prevalent, but they don't take into account that it wasn't all bad,instead they take a throw the baby out with the bathwater approach which has led to men and women essentially starting to hate each other. It will fix itself let's be honest, but we may not like what it causes in the mean time.
  • [ – ] Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply In many ways, Sex Dolls are more "realistic" than feminists so hey.
  • Joe_Somebody reply I think this falls under the same argument they used to campaign for gay rights years ago "privacy of ones own bedroom between consenting adults" (I guess one adult in this case) and the like. These robots don't have emotions, or intelligence, or self awareness; they are basically mannequins with some motor function.
  • The_Eldritch_Bee reply If they make toast I'm sold.
  • [ – ] High_Marshal_Jaeger reply Well women claim to be more then their genitals, so they should have no problem competing with a hunk of plastic and wires. Unless of course they are that shallow with nothing else to offer men. I mean really, men don't fear Dildos and Vibrators because they can do much more then a piece of plastic and some batteries ever could. If sex robots are so intimidating then perhaps you should learn to be a better person, develop a personality besides entitled bitch, men have to step up their game all the time so women should have no problem...cuz you know equality.
    • [ – ] Vermithrax parent reply Deep down women now that they lost all but one utility as Women have already been replace by robots. Watching Machines, Dishwasher, Kitchen aid. They are all a form of robots. Women's genitals is the last feature which has not been replaces by robots.
  • OxAcientOrder reply "Test Dummies AI lives matter!"
  • wolfalexzemla reply Competition, women will just have to up their game
  • [ – ] andrenescu reply Nobody mentioned anime waifus in the youtube comments. I wonder if vidme would be any different. And yes, I will take anime girls anytime over real women.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Hey just a quick PSA: If your videos don't stop playing on android, go to settings then default quality and change it. Will stop the overlapping. I'm sure they will work out this bug but it's a workaround.
  • The_Eldritch_Bee reply If only George Carlin was still alive today he could expand on the battering plants joke.
  • [ – ] AndyBerlino reply Who needs a robot for sex my hand and porn replaced women years ago, I'd rather have the commercial chef bot that can cook gourmet meals on demand and does the dished... Mind you if the sex bot was self cleaning and could help round the house that a different story
    • [ – ] Iumih parent reply Why to spend money and time to develop a robot that can help in the house when we can spend 'em to develop an useless sex robot! ._.
      • AndyBerlino parent reply I'm just saying Id like to have those features as well if I'm going to own a robot I want it to be the Swiss army knife of em.
  • [ – ] KindaGoogly reply I think, what's really absurd is the pressure that is put on people by Society to be in relationships in the first place and I applaud those who choose to step outside of those societal norms.
    • [ – ] theworldlychristian parent reply There's a reason why these societal norms exist - they're normal. What is going on now in our society is abnormal and unsustainable. No civilization that has gone this route has lasted very long. However, there have always been singles and will always be. The question is whether you are single for a good purpose, or because you are unwilling to commit.
      • KindaGoogly parent reply Normal has no true definition. Everyone is different and everyone should live by their own standards. A person shouldn't be defined by the actions of others or by their ability to breed. Nor should a person do something simply because they were told to. We are not our parents. We are not our partners. And, the fact of the matter is that being single is actually far healthier than being married, single people live more productive lives and they're able to build closer friendships. So, tell me again how this is a bad thing.
    • KimHanson parent reply Society doesn't put pressure on people, evolution does.
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply When you can order a Megan fox i'm in.
    • DoMiNeLa10 parent reply Actually, this could get interesting if people would get salty and sue for using their likeness. Imagine having your bot recalled because someone filed a copyright takedown.
  • shawnlynn reply Dolls are creepy no matter who buys them. Men, women, kids. Dolls are creepy. All that aside I do think you're right about feminists wanting to ban them because they want male attention for themselves. Overall, I don't care what men do . If they want dolls, buy it. If one or both of my brothers buy one I'll think it's a little weird but whatever. It's just a sad state that people have come to this.
  • TheeSabin reply Every time the subject of sex robots comes up. I can't help but think of the joker burning his money from the dark knight.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply 3d printed hentai?
  • skullytmcgra reply Sex robots were being developed along time ago to lower suicide rate. Plus the other thing is some sex robots looks real. Most women these days bitch about everything so to make the men look like shit. Sex robots started in Japan in 2010. The funny ass shit the robots walk like they are drunk as fuck so it's not anytime soon that sex robots will be replacing anyone because it be use as a bar joke.
  • Politics_N_Games reply The writer Laura Bates also wants to ban Page 3 Girls. Hasn't she ever been out on a Saturday night ???
  • OctopusOnFire reply as long as everything's consensual, I won't judge how people masturbates.
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