What Culture Wrestling FIGHT BACK Petition will FAIL Part 2 | The Bottom Rope

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  • [ – ] IrishWrestlingNetwork reply I'll be honest straight off the bat i'm a fan of WhatCulture and they have other sources of revenue but Youtube is as far as I can see their main source of revenue. I agree with you that if Youtube is your only/main source of revenue it won't last. I couldn't agree more with your point that if content makers are in it only for the money, they are absolutely in it for the wrong reason. I'm a very small Youtube/Vidme channel averaging around 10 views a video, yet I still continue to make content everyday because i'm passionate about making videos and the content I make. Yes it would be fantastic to make videos on Youtube as a full time job, but i'm a realist and the odds of that happening are very slim. Will that stop me making videos? No, absolutely not. I love making content and sharing my passion with the world. Whether you watch me on Youtube or Vidme, if I can get only one person to react to a video I consider that video a success.
  • [ – ] Krisoraptor reply Shocked you how Carmella won MITB lol
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