Artie and Anthony Show: Artie Died News Report!!!

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  • BrentW reply As a kid who got HBO n 82or83,I doubt it's still this way,but n the 80s, No R Rated movies before 7pm. But there was certain pg & pg13 movies that showed nudity & was the greatest movies ever made to a 9/10yr old kid. The TITS n Just 1 of the guys. But there was 2 movies with so much nudity, No way mpaa screened it or if they did there was a payoff. There's so many nude scenes & Fbombs n European Vacation it wud easily be a R today. The other was the orgy hotel scene n Smokey and the Bandit 3.
  • nojayork reply Why won't any of these vidz of yours play.?
  • Oddwhims reply Does Anthony have a baby in studio LOL
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