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  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply It hurts to laugh...but I'm laughing SO HARD!! Throwing so much shade, it's gray! You guys are the best and I adore @Vidme. I'm so thankful that I have a safe and dynamic platform to grow my channel. It really does feel like a community of creators rather than just a mob of video hosts.
  • [ – ] Tribal_NCS reply All this site needs is a few big YouTubers to come over here and not just simply reupload videos from their YouTube channel, but makie exclusive content, and advertise it on their YouTube and other social media. I highly urge everybody to encourage their favorite YouTubers to do so, even getting one would be a tremendous boost.
    • [ – ] Horcalong parent reply There's no reason they can't go cross-platform. Maximize exposure. Eventually the most beneficial platform will win out.
      • [ – ] Tribal_NCS parent reply There's no reason for just average viewers to make the switch if their favorite content is still on YouTube anyway.
        • Horcalong parent reply It's not the average viewer that will bring about change. If YouTube gets too watered down, people will naturally just stop watching. Look at television. The programming is hopelessly neutered now and people are leaving in droves for alternative media. This change didn't happen overnight, though. YouTube slowly brought that about. Unfortunately, YouTube decided to go the way of traditional entertainment and they are feeling the bite of following a failed business model. The change is going to take time. For Vidme to be the next big platform, it's going to have to be patient. Stick to their guns even through the hard times. It may not work. Someone else may come along and offer a better (and more lucrative) platform. It's really all about money. The bigger content creators have to be able to do this and still earn an income. Until another platform offers them the potential for similar numbers they are going to be forced to stick with YouTube.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply It might maximise exposure for themselves a bit. Maybe. But it's unlikely because I've seen a few YTers on here with not such a big following. They gotta be active and exclusive content would increase chances of their following coming here and hanging about. Hopefully advertising would be different here if they do ever get it. There was reason to believe the algorithm was effected by if you enabled ads or not on your videos.
        • [ – ] Horcalong parent reply I wouldn't see that as a bad thing as long as they learn from the mistakes YouTube made. More revenue for creators and more revenue for Vidme can only be a good thing. They would simply have to explain to advertisers that their ads may appear on videos with messages they may not agree with as one of the terms of service. I doubt Verizon would seriously balk at the idea if they were seeing major returns on their investment. Vidme is an up-and-comer. It's going to take time for growth to happen. Everyone who currently uses Vidme can accelerate that process by sharing on social media.
          • [ – ] Rawman parent reply The reason that is a bad thing for small channels is because people get turned off by ads. On a small channel an unskippable 30 second as means viewers are gone! Sometimes people won't even hang about for a 6 second ad you can skip but I understand what you mean it's just that is the issue for small channels plus some channels like Jimquisition is crowd funded. The ads appearing on offensive video thing was a strange oversight no idea how this ever took so long to become a thing lol.
            • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply ads that dont blast the sound and are not extremely annoying could work. perhaps make them semitransparent and less intrusive
              • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Maybe, also a potentially​ good solution is free content Vs ad content. If you don't want ads you don't get access to videos that have ads unless the creator says all can watch. Some sort of opt in thing for viewer and creator. I dunno lol.
            • [ – ] americanpatriot parent reply content has to be compelling enough for folks to stick around I guess! In all fairness I have to say, that the tip or support methodology by is a great idea, I like to see them add cryptos, like btc, ltc, doge, or peercoin... that will add a boost and not have to depend on paypal alone. I predict that paypal will be next to cancel accounts for some policy violation! Like funding "hate speech"
          • [ – ] americanpatriot parent reply I already see flaws with as a developer and businessman... and as a business analyst, whether they understand it or not, the limitations they have setup, turn people off, at a critical time where YT creators are looking for alternatives and not restrictions. "select a file smaller than 1024MB" Sorry folks but I do not see them to be anything different than YT. Anything Silicon Valley creates ultimately eat its young! - may hover over YT for awhile, but unless they change quickly, well its all the same!
            • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply cant ads be categorized like movies so advertisers could pick who they want to advertise with
              • americanpatriot parent reply The platform that delivers the ads needs that option, and as far as I know, youtube does not give advertisers control of the ad space. The do allow Adsense users to control what videos can display specific industry ads, but that seems backwards to me.
            • [ – ] americanpatriot parent reply to follow up, I see an effort to cannibalize YT subs and creators, without absorbing the high cost of storage or bandwidth! Can they really handle a PJW 10 million a day video stream that maybe a 1024HD quality? or is the goal to just create a basic streaming radio station like service with basic background video? which does not require high resolution therefore more storage and more bandwidth! Just some observations... after all that is what everyone here is fighting for right? The ability to express oneself freely!
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply That would be the best possible solution. google and facebook are just trying to build a digital police state and with every time we use them we give them more money and enable them all the more to build a cage around us
    • Iron_Stampede parent reply Germany's biggest Let´s PLayer has already switched partially, due to some ridiculous stuff youtube pulled with one single video from a whole Lets PLay of a game thats 12+ Life of Boris and The Mighty Jingles are here now too cause youtube sucks :D Boris is basically getting censored cause with the role of the Slav Gopnik he works, of course, with a lot of on-screen-votschka which youtube doesn´t like. And Jingles feels pretty much scammed by youtube so i decided to only watch them here from now on, no more views for Youtube.
    • TacticCrush parent reply This would bring more people over and get fanbases familiarized with the service. The problem is this could be just like dailymotion in that content creators see no value in the service.
    • Gregory_Malchuk parent reply This site also needs a better commenting and comment liking system that mirror's youtube's. But yeah, this is pretty darn good.
    • inkoalawetrust parent reply So just use aggressive A D V E R T I S I N G to force millions to go to a site they dont even like in the first place and know literally nothing about ? My fucking god this site is full of mentally handicaped retards.
  • [ – ] MariaTheGerman reply This was just JOOOOKKEESSS!!!! Bloody loved it! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 praise em!! 🙏🏼🙌🏼
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Did i just watch a 50 sec ad for Vidme?
  • [ – ] TheShittingChair reply Can't tell if an April Fools prank or a roast of youtube.
  • WeAreJynx reply SHOTS FIRED!
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply The shade that was just thrown...
    • [ – ] VonMotes parent reply Shade cannot be "thrown" unless the light source controlled, this slang is not interesting, it only encourages central planning, people got it from pop music controlled by Globalist.
      • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Slang is not meant to be intelligent, or interesting. It is a way of conveying phrases or other terms in shorter ways. You are reading way to much into something that does not go that deep.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Hahahaha!!! Everyone gunna be saying Got.Me!
  • [ – ] ThuleanPerspective reply If VidMe do too great, this might well become true one day.... Capitalists will buy 'em.... :-/
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply It's true. I am worried about this as well and decided to speak of it in my second video.... lest I keep raging in the comments. Also, on a random note Thulean, you inspired a woods walk lifestyle vlog I'm uploading soon - so thank your for your out of the box wisdoms and shares. We <3 you
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply Checkmate man! Take notes roasters, this is how you do it.
  • [ – ] ShoJoe reply Hot damn- Vidme is becoming the #1 shade throwers at Youtube, and they get better at it with every video XD Keep it up fellow humans- with things getting as crazy as they are- we need some laughs so we aren't always in a state of worry and despair.
  • MrKnoxious reply Man this video is savage, lol. Good one
  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply I had half a rant typed out and then I remembered what day it is. Good one AdMe. You are the only thing that got me today, so now, as per my Tweet, YOU NEED TO EAT YOUR OWN KNEECAPS FOR MY ENJOYMENT FOR MESSING WITH ME Q~Q
    • [ – ] Disobey parent reply did you seriously get fooled by thid, I hope this a comment just for the upvotes
      • KinTailFox parent reply Also, next time please DM me if you're upset with something I said, it's not nice to sully a comment section on a video that's not even mine, I hope whatever upset you gets better soon. Keep well.
      • KinTailFox parent reply Maybe I did, maybe not, no need to get all disgruntled friend. I'm sorry for leaving this here to annoy you so much.
      • VonMotes parent reply I got fooled by it today because I didn't check the upload date, this comment finally clued me in.
  • IzzyNobre reply You win April Fools this year,
  • [ – ] LaurenLonestar reply lol shots fired! I can't wait to see this website grow and take over!
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply last month i dropped gmail and search. and now every day i start here first and also minds. by the end of the day, there is no time left for yt
  • KotaTail reply #YouSoldOutOnApril1st 😂😂
  • Oringes reply Youtube has been VERY tough on the little channels, Hopefully coming to will help with that, Of course it takes work on the content creators side as well. No one should ever expect a free hand out when it comes to media. Liking the community so far, and how easy everything is to access. Already scheduling Daily uploads!
  • HammerOfDoom reply Youtube was bound to be targeted by the lamestream corporate apparatus sooner or later, and since google/alphabet is the parent company, of course they would go along with demonetizing certain viewpoints but not others. But its a gamble for them that wont pay off. Youtube is now officially in decline as those who actually made it what it was, leave it.
  • AJPatz reply Savage level: Unwarned demonetization.
  • JustHypeVibe reply Happy April Fool's day to all Vidizens and the vidme team :D
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