Islamic Terrorism - A Brief & Balanced Overview

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  • [ – ] isaneinthemembrane reply Politiekman the bellow is my own opinion. I thing your forum is an excellent idea. I will check out your previous vids.
    • Politiekman parent reply Thanks for watching and thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree that Islam is a cancer on the world. It's a destructive force and it spreads fast - faster than any other religion. This is why I think it's important to address the many problems in Islam. Simultaneously, I do recognize not all Muslims support the destruction brought by Islam, but those that do are a sufficiently large group to warrant debate.
  • isaneinthemembrane reply islam is a seventh century doctrine. muslims believe in the quran as it is from their "last prophet" muhammad. so therefor it's teachings are from allah and most be followed. read the quran,enough said. islam is a cancer period.
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