TRANS DATING: Should They Tell You?

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  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply i am not dating anybody because i am ugly
  • MrFixIt reply For sure nigga! That's false advertising. Like you bought a car that's a Ferrari 458 only to discover it used to be a Honda civic
  • GoMGTOW reply I don't know about you, but anything with an adam's apple just doesn't do it for me. XD
  • rockyoursocks reply I feel like if it is getting serious you always have the "do you want kids" discussion. I would feel very betrayed if someone I invested time into had led me and lied of we couldn't conceive later on. But thats just me.
  • [ – ] gridsleep reply Does it make a god damned bit of difference? Should I tell a date I had my gall bladder removed, and other surgeries? If you are afraid of such a thing, even if the person is attractive to you, then you are really afraid of something in yourself.
  • jasonlee3071 reply Well maybe it would be polite on part of transgender people to let you know what they are. Could save some disappointment in the bedroom later on.
  • BackSoon reply If a person can't tell or know the "T" after the first date, then it's on them. Saying that a trans person should not have any issue at all telling someone they are dating that they are trans. If they do, then they have a problem with being honest and shouldn't be lying to dumb people that can't tell. Oh and a medically created vagina may look pretty close, you can tell and if you have intercourse, you without a doubt can tell.
  • InternetUnwind reply Im glad you made the procreation point. I personally wwould be looking to start a family if i wasnt already married. It would be hard to deal with if i spent a year dating someone only to find out i would never be able to have childeren with them. Plus if you are not attracted to men but you know someone used to be a man and when you look at them you see the face they used to have. Is that homophobic/transphobic? Is it just your imagination playing games with you, or does it mean you have a mebtal condition? I love how so many people see things as black or white and dont remember there are many facets to each persons mentality, situation and goals in life. Yet those same people are the ones claiming to be essentially enlghtened.
  • palvarezcruz reply So the short answer is yes, but the long answer is... also yes. Great video. No taking sides, just stating things as they are. I agree with you all the way through. If you're just gonna fuck it once with no regards for anything but sex, then all that matters is what it looks like and how it feels.
  • bunniiBGG reply Nice break down 👍
  • I3UTM reply Pre-op: Yes. Post-op: No.
  • NeophyteNomad reply So Trans people want to be more accepted but then they also want the right to be able to hide, be subversive and have people just deal with their status when and if its stumbled upon? I say that when "Michael" chose to start down the path to becoming "Michelle", he tacitly accepted that when all was said and done, SHE would be walking into a bit of a ideological mine field if she returned to the dating pool while choosing to be mum about that. As such, Michelle would then have little cause to say: "I don't deserve to be blown up if I step on a mine". Even for just the purposes of a hook-up, there are straight men who look for trans women. For a trans person to say that they wouldn't divulge that as some kind of "Personal Information" matter is just an excuse they give themselves for seeing how much of other people's time they can waste before running and jumping behind some social justice shield when they get called out on it.
  • winstonsmith1914 reply Ah fuck they want to be a woman and that's close enough for me.
  • thatwasacooltrick reply Long time viewer Came to vidme for a quieter viewing experience
  • SickOfURShitzzz reply How many different drugs is the writer of this bullshit article on? Who the fuck wants to start a relationship like that or any relationship for that matter; on a damn lie? And yes it would still be a lie by omission.
  • LexiChangeling reply You got something wrong. There is infact an op that trans males can have to have a penis but apart from that you had some good points. Plus I'm openly a trans woman and didn't find this offensive at all its more of a learning curve
  • blazedu reply well, if you won't tell the man you're continuously dating that you have a dick, you will eventually have to if you're planning on getting intimate with him. It's simple. Date all you want but when the time comes to advance to intimacy, he's gonna know. Also, it's important to distinguish dating and hook up, as TJ said. Creating a relationship requires honesty and so that should be addressed before any advancements.
  • Makoret reply I think u r right... it depends on the life style...
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