The Problem With Gorillaz: 'Humanz' | Album Review

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  • ShaxxUK reply Agree with what you say but I'd give it a 5 or 6 / 10. Also Charger is just shocking. Its so repetitive. No many songs I'm keen on if I'm honest.
  • SpeakingOfGames reply My main gripe was it felt like there was not enough gorillaz, felt like it relied to much on the talent that they were collabing with. Kinda sucked, album still wasn't bad though
  • sarah reply my one friend (new gorillaz fan) really loved the album and my other friend (old gorillaz fan) wasn't so hot about it. so i can definitely see how people are split between this album. good review! i've been hearing some pretty mixed feelings on this one
  • MontyDatta reply Yea I wasnt a big fan either
  • TheCynicalCypher reply This was actually the album that introduced me to their work. I have to say, I really like it! However, with that being said, I can definitely see the issues that it presents. Namely, that fact that it feels like the album is other artists feat. Gorillaz, as you presented. Not to mention, I feel like some of these featured artists just don't feel like they belong in that song. Namely Danny Brown's part in the song Submission. Nonetheless, I still do find myself enjoying this album a lot. Great video, man!
  • EquallyWorthless reply I'm a much more casual Gorillaz fan. My problem with Humanz is that I don't like hip hop and this one has more hip hop in it than their past albums. For the most part, I can tolerate the hip hop in Gorillaz, and the non-hip hop are so good that they make up for it. The song Ascension is the worst for me. I haven't even listened to it the whole way through even though I've played the album at least a dozen times. Tomorrow Comes Today, Kids With Guns, and Don't Get Lost in Heaven are more to my liking.
  • missdsquared413 reply THIS ALBUM IS EPIC... in my opinion. I love all the guest artists they had and m favorite tracks are Momentz and Charger.
  • Sogen reply I've been listening to it lately and I have to agree. I really enjoy Gorillaz because they combine so many genres, and their animation style combined many different media. This one felt like they stuck it too safe. It might be due to all the collaborations mentioned, since all the songs sound pretty generic compared to their past ones. I really enjoy We Have the Power, because it really sounds like Gorillaz. I listened to the one with the haunted house first, and I really enjoyed the return to their classic animation style that uses so many different mediums, but I felt like Noodle's behavior was out of character, and the song itself was kinda meh. It might grow on me, but we'll see. All in all, I do agree to an extent with what you said. Too many collabs have caused this album to lose its Gorillaz identity. Also, I want to point out, I enjoyed the video, but it sounds like you're raising your voice really loudly and it's quite off putting. Inside voices mah dude.
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