Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. ALBUM REVIEW

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  • WebNoob reply Kendrick is da booooooooss. He da King Kunta.
  • TastySnackies reply It's not a ten? FAKETHONY NEWSTANO
  • FrancisGo reply Your critique of the Job story is interesting, but I think both you and Kendrick don't realize that the meaning of the Job story was actually very subversive in its time. Job did not thing wrong. God even tells him in the end: "Your friends who tried to blame this on you were mistaken, and you were correct to say that you did nothing wrong That's just how I roll." The philosopher Slavoj Zizek talks about this. You can search Zizek+Job on YouTube, or read the passage. The Bible is actually quite funny, but people don't quite grasp the humor.
  • Jmusic-singerandsongwriter reply whoo can't wait for my album to drop...maybe you will do a review lls
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply SOOO excited for this album! Thanks for sharing, dude!
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