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  • sarah reply any show that runs for a really long time is bound to taper off and become "not as good" as it once was. and that's usually when i stop watching the show :(
  • HazysDay reply Nice video !! I got Simpson's tips i never knew !!! Great job !
  • InternetUnwind reply I think the simpsons arcade game was probably one of my favorite arcade games. The show could use slight refreshing but its still ok if you go back after not watching for a long time.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I don't watch the show very often, aside from re-runs. As much as I liked the episodes that I did see, it's time to bury the show with honors. Personal favorite episodes: -Papa's Got a New Badge (aka Springshield) -The Bart in France episode -Ned & Edna Blend (One of the few post-movie episodes that had me laughing.) -Lisa the Babysitter -Homer at the Bat -Bart Gets a F -The episode surrounding Marge wanting to cancel Itchy and Scratchy. -Lisa the Vegetarian -The water park episode -The first Christmas special As for Seth McFarlane's shows, they're hit-or-miss with me. I don't hate them, but don't love them either. South Park started out funny in the first four seasons, but hasn't been funny for fifteen years. (I stopped after watching The Return of Chef.) However, I do agree with the points that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are trying to make. Bob's Burgers is dull, boring, unappealing, and just plain not funny.
  • katburns reply Been watching the Simpsons my entire life 😂
  • JayHubz reply rick and morty POPs <3
  • DGTLONE reply Great video I have watched this since day one and still watch it. Although today it's not as relevant as it is do what will draw views . So glad to see someone showing some love to this cultural icon. Peace DGTLONE
  • RichardWendling reply Great Job covering this important current event! Predictive Programming!
  • RichardWendling reply Spider Pig was Fail! I still like the pig!
  • RichardWendling reply I loved the Simpsons, it is now kind of lame!
  • RichardWendling reply I have been married to my current wife for 29 years on June 21 2017 Yes on the Solstice! Here we are when I was 17 what is that 1988? STupid Tracey Ulman Kenny Everit(sp?) was better!
  • RichardWendling reply It is Time! Bring Futurama Back! NO WAY YEAH RIGHT!
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