VIDME VILLAINS PODCAST (EP.9) ...and everything was covered in Seaman.

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  • jhk reply I guess the parent button has is a bug. It's actually supposed to link to the commenter's mom's FB page.
  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply On the following page being the main page: That'd be pretty sweet. For new users, the homepage could be something like Twitter's and how it says "Follow some people first!" It can take your interests and recommend some channels for you to sub to. Then after that they can go through a tutorial to learn about all the different tags @vidme has.
    • [ – ] mcstacky parent reply You think we do machine learning back here? It's just a bunch of monkeys hitting keyboards
      • [ – ] QuazzVids parent reply I dunno, ask Amazon for a little help if you wanna incorporate machine learning lol! My suggestion was to just ask the user if they like Gaming, Anime & Manga, Politics, etc. That will show them the genres/channels they're interested in. I thought that's how Twitter does it? Anyway, how's the ad revenue system going to work? Will the ads be directed at users or will they just be showed to anybody? If the former, then I guess that some form of machine learning would need to be implemented anyway ;) Cmon! Don't you want to learn enough so it turns into its own sentient entity one day? Cmon mcstacky, we can rule the world! Mwuahahaha... Sorry, I got a little ahead of myself. Just keep hitting those keyboards as best as you can :)
        • mcstacky parent reply I believe personalized feeds are in the pipeline! And you don't think doesn't already rule the world? We promise immortality on our job descriptions
    • QuazzVids parent reply btw, I wish @AlphaOmegaSin would upload videos here again :(
  • RubenLeija reply This was a great podcast
  • la15plunkett reply loved the talk....I discovered due to david seaman
  • WolvenMedic reply This was interesting to listen to live XD
  • vidmevillains reply Thank you very much for the Tips @JeremyG & @ImSalty!
  • MariaTheGerman reply This was certainly fun! Thanks for having me team! :)
  • Dos_Gaming reply Was awesome to be apart of.
  • BrianAiya reply This was a fun podcast to listen to :) Yea, i agree that Maria's accent is cute. People say that I have an accent too, but not as close as Maria's.
  • [ – ] Jelxys_ reply Wow this is awesome stuff you guys are doing here. Keep it up!
  • [ – ] 1Source reply I feel like I'm in high school again. Making fun of peoples names , It's like listening to a panel of William heads. Although It was entertaining🤓
  • [ – ] hank01111 reply I follow MTG because it's funny to watch a petite young lady say exactly what we would say when gaming frustrates us. Just because I came here initially for David Seaman doesn't mean I don't watch food reviews, metal detecting and gaming videos.
  • [ – ] C4TR_YT reply This is cool, I only know of a few podcasts that I actually like, and this is now one of them
  • [ – ] CoolKidCroc reply When i made a video on David Seamen I made it cuz I saw AllTheCoins talking about it and I just had a different first reaction than him. I was going to talk about his video in my vid but I figured the poor guy had already been given shit about it enough, ffs I looked in his comment section and it was pure paragraphs.
  • [ – ] 124BeL875ive reply David Seaman is here to OUT pedosexuals - something YOU should be doing too. Carnists are so lazy and ignorant. You attack those that are trying to HELP you. Fools.
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply interesting. I think this is a great time to be at the start of a new platform.
  • Slimer reply Sorry 2 Fools Who Still Believe MSM!
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply I do find searching for creators or interesting content challenging...on my phone for sure...I just searched Maria the german...and it doesn't show up, I'm not finding it easy to find my way around, so in that case its not as obvious as youtube
  • The_ColeSparks reply That explains why there's a lot of views on our Music Demo videos but no comments except for me. Ether they are very shy, or maybe my videos are very different than most videos on the internet that they are just completely mind-blown to even comment. It's hard to say but overall, in terms of uploading videos, Vidme is better than YT. I would like if they added Psychedelic videos to the categories section though, but I can wait.
  • [ – ] duffy reply this thumbnail is insane lol.
  • MillenChillen reply Vidme is the future
  • fatboyfat reply David's videos trending. Yours are not. Speaks volumes.
  • Bansic reply I may be guilty of using the yaboi meme >_>
  • TaurusSilverDiamond reply Glad To be on the podcast!!
  • 8up_Gaming reply this is awesome. this be awesome to maybe be part if it sometime. nice work
  • [ – ] zebular0 reply The Seaman brought me here lol, but no seriously. If it weren't for David Seaman I wouldn't had known about I'm loving it and my content is getting way more attention in a much shorter time than it ever did on Youtube. Thanks guys!
  • [ – ] Cidsa reply I think the female gamer thing stems from way back in the 90s where it was a lot more rare for girls to care. We're also still a pretty significant minority and people wanna write dickish comments, yay internet! Great podcast guys, glad I found it on the hot videos section today :)
    • [ – ] Dos_Gaming parent reply I think a lot of it can be about safe spaces as well. It's pretty common for "gamer nerds" to be bullied in many ways (especially by females at their schools). Gaming was a place they could go to escape this. It wasn't just a book, it was an entire world they could make real friends. It's like if a bully from your school just walked into your room and said they also owned it now, it can be very traumatic for them (especially with recent twitch streamers and the radical side of feminist movement that out right continues to bully them and not only seem like the bullies for being women but are bullies in their own right). This has nothing to do with me, I'm in my mid 20s and didn't get bullied much, which is probably why I have no problems with all types of gamers.
      • [ – ] Cidsa parent reply I imagine there are people like that out there for sure, particularly younger guys who haven't gotten over it yet. To be honest I very rarely run into those kinds but what can you do? My guy friends get a lot more shit than I do online for whatever reason lol
        • [ – ] Dos_Gaming parent reply As I try to say in this video. Women being attacked online specifically because of their sex is rarer than people think. My other theory is that the newer and louder (on social media )females just don't understand how the online web works and just think the hate is aimed at them specifically. Either because they stayed away from it most their lives, stayed in nicer places and are now spreading out or outright lying.
          • Cidsa parent reply That's what I assume as well (and it's backed up by that recent PEW study.) I've been on the internet since 1995 so I'm used to the vitriol, I imagine a lot of others are not.
  • [ – ] fatboyfat reply What a load of junk!
    • [ – ] BlaisStudios parent reply Dude please be nice. Chill.
      • [ – ] fatboyfat parent reply Nice? What like they were to David Seaman? The man who is speaking up for alleged pedophilia!?
        • [ – ] BlaisStudios parent reply Dude It's a joke. I respect the fact that you like his content and so do they. They said it. He is helping the vidme community grow. You don't have to step in and defend him with trashtalk. He probably wouldn't like that.
          • [ – ] fatboyfat parent reply He is helping abused children. I couldn't care less about growing any fake online community.
            • BlaisStudios parent reply OK. That is your opinion. I can't change your mind about this being a fake community. I do agree that he's helping abused children.
  • [ – ] AdventuresOfSuze reply I once had a cyber bully on my youtube channel, where I had 3k followers in the first 2 months, and so maybe it will keep abuse to a minimum, because some of the comments were quite disturbing!
  • fatboyfat reply "Vidiaws" and "Ooploads" lol
  • Dezmounts reply Cool podcast! I wish I could be there :3
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