She's No Unicorn.Case Study in Why Men Go MGTOW. #1

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  • dr77771 reply Signed up to because of YT removing this.
  • MGTOW-Philosopher reply Maybe. I mean. I considered it. Then went and looked at some of her other videos to get some perspective, and decided against it. I mean really, does being mentally ill mean you can't be a royal cunt?
  • nawtsurprised reply couldn't make it even half way through this vid as the bitch is just far too annoying.
  • loki2020 reply Her audio is much quieter than yours. Enuff that it makes this hard to listen to without turning the volume up and down :)
  • BossMGTOW reply She has some metal health issue, I mean besides being a women. Asperger Syndrome and Depression are mentioned in other videos of her on YT. Not to white knight here, but you should cut her some slack. Asperger Syndrome makes it hard to understand social rules, social dynamics, gender roles and society.
  • fiveofnin reply she seems boring
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