The Cultural Marxist Agenda Explained

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  • ToastersForever reply Followed. Explains the chaos in the Democrats, the UK Labour Party, and others. Even if it is a little hard to follow.
  • poopoopeepeekaka124 reply le frankfurt school of witchcraft and wizardry, headed by Karltural Marx, is the primary threat to western civilization as we know it :DDDDDDDD
  • alexaseyforth reply Very good vid. Will share
  • ParaSait reply Fantastic explanation, thank you.
  • [ – ] kendrakane reply Marxism today. Strong labor unions that use solidarity for bargaining power. better jobs. you see solidarity with large anti government protests. you can be a nationalist anarchist and still give to your people back from the rich. What we need is no fucking borders or countries. cry babies with safety borders from the poor. for example mexico. Do you think people who are starving or escaping third world situations give a shit about a border? for example the influx of Chinese military this week at north korean border waiting fora flood of refugees. We wont survive as a species if we cant break down these borders and walls. we have to things like the UN work together as a world. all the cultures working together is better for the survival of our species tackling what we all face today.
    • [ – ] Switchblade_Jackson1 parent reply Speaking of Mexico why do they all want to cross our border both legally and illegally. What's wrong with Mexico. Why don't we have that problem with Canada. Why aren't waves of Japanese people crossing into the US illegally. Why aren't there hordes of Swedish migrants. You can go anywhere in the world you want. Unless you're not muslim, then I wouldn't advise you go live in Saudi Arabia...especially if you're gay. Things will not work out well for ya there.
      • [ – ] Rapid01 parent reply First , I believe that there is an AGENDA ....... why third world immigrants are being encouraged to migrate to WHITE WESTERN NATIONS ONLY ! All one needs to do is listen to the narrative of ..... Now , the AGENDA ! Listen to the first speaker closely and you will understand the AGENDA ! The rest of the speakers are extra credit ! The AGENDA of WHITE GENOCIDE in action !
        • Switchblade_Jackson1 parent reply The funny thing is when I first learned of all this 15 years ago on Coast to Coast AM I thought it was a conspiracy theory. 15 years later and you can see all the seeds planted by the marxist finally starting to sprout. The question is will they succeed in tearing down all of western society.
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