Yooka-Laylee: An Enjoyable Disappointment -STG Review!

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  • DanielHuntington reply Here are my thoughts on the game so far in the many hours I put into it. I'm up to World 4. There are issues with it like the camera, and yeah, I agree that the intro cutscenes weren't very interesting, but as someone who enjoyed playing Banjo Kazooie on the Nintendo 64, this is more or less what I wanted. I love the bright visuals, the humor in the writing, the ridiculous voices, gaining new abilities to gain some sort of progress, and there's some sort of weird satisfaction of trying to collect everything. And yeah, the worlds are big which can be overwhelming at first, but I once I get used to where everything is after exploring them a lot, it isn't too bad. Really glad I bought it, and good review. :)
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