'The Greatest Story Never Told' review by sixmillion4truth doc

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  • Thornack reply and hell yeah, if they let ss officers pay, then all allies must to!
  • [ – ] Thornack reply Off course there where a lot of people brutally executed because of their background or thoughts. but that was on every front and of every time! even now... and it was even worse on the communist side! they murdered millions more. even people of their own..... so hail to this guy ! hail o the good values ! Fuck all the lies !
    • bohemefit2 parent reply wake everyone up i say, they cant fine & arrest us all, the time of just looking out for ones interest is over... the latter is realy bad here, nothing more ugly than a man to scared to speak to defend his country or fellow kinsman who are feeling the brunt of our loss of ww2..Was speaking to one aussie the other day & he literally said in 20 years Ill be gone which would be before any of the censorship rules hit me so Im right..... Its like many in australia arnt just brainwashed but also rendered incapable of 1) having balls 2) following through to absolute conclusion what events mean & or 3) caring about their country or people.. If I hadnt got stuck in australia due to the aftermath of attack I would of migrated to the states in a country town where at least there are men & women like this guy on this video..
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