5 Things Mass Effect: Andromeda Could Do Right

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  • DoomBlackDragon reply I have to agree combat needs a good upgrade. I disagree on the combat being good in ME. Sorry I am not a fan of chest high walls combat. As it boring and very repetitive. If I want to spend 60 bucks on a whack-a-moe game. I would go to chuck e cheese. At less I can have pizza with my terrible gameplay. At less with ME1 there was a lot of cluttered things around and a lot of room to move. So you could just kit enemies around the room. Sadly they had to get rid of armor stats and the rich rpg character level up tree from ME1.
  • JadeJicama reply While I probably have wondered what sex with an Elcor would be like, it was probably immediately dismissed for any number of reasons. Not really digging the 'scanning inside your environment' shown in the video either... not sure why, it's just a long range 'check here' button... or maybe it's the picking up ingredients in the outdoors sequence it was used for, which suggests there will be building mechanics.
  • [ – ] Fandomlife reply I am very concerned about Andromeda. As while I think you make a lot of good points, the bang for your buck, one is what concerns me. I really don't like the tend towards open world, MMO-isation of everything games that is the trend. I'm looking at you Dragon Age: Inquisition. Creating all sorts of busy work and tying it into the plot progression (or so it seemed). The language around how you progress through the new galaxy sounds very similar and this makes me a sad person :)
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