How is This a Thing? 19th of May 2017

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  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply An EU army sounds legitly terrifying, I've already been told by people outside the UK that the EU rules and regulations are incredibly strict already and I can't imagine what they'd try to pull with military power in their hands.
  • FYONE reply The whole world's going to crap.
  • AngelofSorrow reply Wait what was that Thunderf00t? EU won't commit to funding an army? Oh really?
  • valereth reply GO. AWAY. HILLARY.
  • blazedu reply They don't try to hide their intentions anymore. the deep state wants trump out and the MSM looks hungry for it. Keep the russian connection alive and feed on the fear of the past when the cold war was going on, trying to brand trump as a traitor to the US. wait...hillary's back? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • freerangehobo reply Let's call it what it really is: Communism! A turd by any other name; does it not stink the same? If everyone would see the deeply embedded Marxist ideology behind all of this mayhem of our culture, the majority would reject all of it. As it is, so many have been deceived by their own trust that our government is, and has always been for the people. Slogans such as: "America, Right or Wrong " or, "In God We Trust", are lies that cemented themselves into generations of minds, seared into our consciousness by fear of being called "Anti American " if you spoke otherwise. Subtle censorship has been cleverly crafted over decades of social engineering, propaganda,and guilt trips thrust upon us whilst we slept. Now the results of that invasion are upon the world, and the chaos we see is all part of the final take down of life as we have known.
  • TiberiusDuraga reply So Germany's 4th Reich is about to unfold... God help us all.
  • Kekistani reply Been taking action my community, not just social media. Joined a well known community club and getting to know older people who mainly get their news from TV or the papers. The older generation can be Red Pilled, just need to get out there and meet em.
  • Forestal reply Sooner or later, the west will have to make up its mind about the internet services-- regulate them as public utilities and try to hold the government accountable; or let the free market develop them into natural ogliopolies/ monopolies and try to use the profit motive/ incentive to guide them "invisibly"....?
  • LavishHeart reply Oh god no..... that ending
  • FreshSocksFox reply Can we vote them off this planet please....pleeaaaassssseeee?!?!?!
  • [ – ] Kell_Stone reply That ending just made my spine shiver
  • Politiekman reply Trump doesn't need the media to discredit him. He's doing a fine job by himself. Cozying up to Saudi Arabia? Seriously? Also that EU army is a bad idea. Please don't.
  • Angel-Tibbs reply We did grow up with you can't start it, but you can finish it. Still live by that.
  • guidotorpedo reply Stop patronizing these liberal colleges. Alumni, stop paying them!
  • guidotorpedo reply Dangerous
  • ClimatePonziLie reply This is about taking over Europe, the countries to join the EU parliament for the purpose of increased trade, but it has become a dictatorship making decisions on immigration, and boarder security, it has created laws to silence free speech. It's isn't about trade at all it about controlling Europe out of this facility. The building of the Parliament of the EU, their monuments built for the Globalist with TAXES dollars, to give the dictators of the EU a place to enslave you with more rules. They want to blackmail England for 60 Billion Dollars to keep them from leaving. The ANTIFA Brown shirts is why you worked your entire life so the parliament of the EU can destroy and steal it all. Look at what Merkel of Germany did to Greece it turned it into a Refugee prison island that is bankrupt It's part of the bigger plan to enslave you. This year 2017 will see Millions more migrants on the way to Europe and the violence will only increase. Why haven't they stopped this invasion of refugees...more into Europe because it hastens the day the people will welcome the roll out of tanks of the parliament of the EU to restore order. Merkel of Germany invited calamity into Europe. Germany is sucking the EU dry an allowing in the Refugee's as it is Germany that controls the parliament of the EU. This is the rebirth of the Fourth REICH. Most countries were better off 20 years ago as separate countries. Now they are locked in a battle with a Totalitarian controlled parliament of the EU. Definition, relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Soon all the counties of the EU will accept EU military and German Tanks under the guise these peace keepers are trying to protect people from the violent Migrants. As millions more are starting to arrive this summer of 2017. The useless parliament of the EU is sending boats to help them cross the Mediation. Now they know that the chances of being rescued are good so they will try to cross in increasing numbers as a result of this policy of NOT turning them back. Much of the EU is experiencing unemployment, and several of them member states are struggling with their economies, why does the dictatorship of the parliament of the EU continue to collect obscene amounts of money. The dictatorial parliament of the EU has a bigger budget than the economy of Russian. EU budget for 2017 Parliament priorities: young people, growth and migration crisis Commitment appropriations for 2017 total €157.8578 billion, (172 Billion USD) and payment appropriations €134.49 billion. Then I grabbed this ...moreoff the net budget of Russia, 200 billion US The UN has the General Assembly adopt a $5.4 billion budget for the United Nations for the 2016-2017 biennium. The unelected officials don't want to give this money train up. It's a dictatorship funded with your TAX dollars. How much of your TAX dollars are going to support the Migration Crisis cause by Merkel of Germany, so they can burn down another migrant camp and ask for more money. They want your money to fix the problem they created. It was Merkel of Germany that invited in the crime wave of ISLAMIC refugees, now France is a war zone. Make NO mistake this is the rise of the Forth Reich and the parliament of the EU is the means. The ANTIFA are the Brown shirts of PRE WW2.
  • c_arnold03 reply The EU will collapse and it will be followed by glorious bloodbath that will only be exceeded in brutality and savagery by the first world war. Secular Europe has nothing, absolutely nothing, to inspire it's native European populace to unify beyond economic necessity.
  • madel_schmadel reply Hanging the deep state with piano wire still sounds good to me. Let's find them, prosecute them, convict them in a court of law, and make them die slowly for their treason against the will of the people.
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