First Thoughts: Gamers! (2017)

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  • [ – ] Reasanka reply Gamers is one of those shows i seem to lose myself in every time i sit down and watch it, not because it's brilliant or anything, it has a lot of flaws but it has a huge FUN factor that kinda makes me want to re-watch it now just by talking about it even with alot of irritating quirks some of the characters have and the annoying things they do like with seaweed girl , I feel like they all have at least 1 aspect of their character that's made a strong impression on me so far, i know the characters are and will continue to be generic but they've broken the mould just enough to keep it interesting i think i know the character relations are meant to get messier as the series progresses from what i've read, i just hope they keep the melodrama as minimalist as possible. we're only 3 episodes in so there's plenty of time for this go tits up but so far it's looking good to me P.S. - sorry, the only penis i'll be shaking with my hands is my own XD but maybe i'll grow a moustache one day (but...more probably not) T-That's LEWD!! BAKA!
    • SeaTactics parent reply Yeah, I'm enjoying myself with Gamers. I think it's one of those anime that doesn't need to be perfect, it's never going to be Uchuu Senkan, or a Dragon Ball. But it's a series I will probably never drop, unless it turns into a hardcore porno... which... ehehe. I don't think being lewd is bad... I prefer it. BAKA, HAI! -
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