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  • [ – ] EddiesLife247 reply left you a $1 tip, to give you the 65c back for printing the wikipedia page.
  • [ – ] kassdog reply Feel bad i watched this on vidme instead of youtube. Thats the problem with big creators moving over. This is why vidme needs original creators and content.
  • [ – ] greyfade reply Misophonia sufferer here: ASMR triggers me hard. When I hear some of these sounds, it causes me so much physical pain and mental stress, that my emotions flare and I the urge to murder the nearest human hits me like a ton of bricks. If you do not suffer misophonia, you can not imagine how debilitating this is. And then there's ASMR. There are people who are sexually aroused by the same sounds that make me want to murder people. .... What the fuck. What in the actual fuck.
    • katburns parent reply I also have misophonia but it's very particular (I can't stand nail files, picking at nails, etc but other things i'm ok) but some asmr I can understand. The calm voices etc. In fact, people often tell me my voice gives them asmr! Very odd. But yes, can NOT get into the lip smacking shite (yukkkkk)
    • [ – ] DonnaASMR parent reply Sexually aroused? This isn't what ASMR is about at all. You might want to watch the video again. It's a pretty solid explanation, although the creator doesn't seem to like it.
      • greyfade parent reply I can't. My misophonia makes watching videos like this impossible for me.
      • Kikazaru parent reply Obviously that's not ASMR is about, but there are indeed weirdos out there that will masturabate to it, so yeah
  • YegsTv reply hey james! im the kid who gave u the slap bracelet at vidcon!
  • YungJ reply ASMR = Annoying Sounding Mouth Recordings ;)
  • RhetoricalEntertainment reply The first ASMR video I ever saw made me so mad I almost put my fist through my computer monitor. The girl half whispered and half talked, but didn't enunciate, so it sounded like someone without a tongue trying to speak.
  • Tai_Moya reply This is an old one... And he didnt even say anything in the description...
  • littleted12 reply i never made book sad life
  • birsp reply Don't you just (when you want to avoid recording lip smacks) record away from the mic a bit more and slightly off axis along with raising the noise floor level in your audio recording program so it doesn't register the quiet noises like that?
  • VincentVader reply ASMR is annoying as hell. I don't get it.
  • Akamaze reply if someone gave me enough money to buy a decent mic, i would actually start ASMR but let's be real no one will give me anything, right ? ... i accept btc
  • granny_monster reply I haven't laughed this much in a VERY very long time thank YOU
  • Dos_Gaming reply I have nothing against ASMR but god damn! It puts me in pain! I can't describe the feeling it gives me other than pure PAIN!
  • DualBlade25 reply Love your vids man
  • [ – ] Heatherlands reply I only found out what asmr was after I took a look at a video I uploaded of me working in my ballet slippers and just dancing around. The next video "recommended" was an asmr ballet slipper swoosh thing. I uploaded my video a few months ago and analytics tell me creepy, middle-aged men (not my intended audience) are the majority who viewed, however they don't watch for long. Probably disappointed to find my video has nothing to do with asmr and the original recorded sounds have been muted and replaced by music. Ha
  • Smjokster reply I never knew you uploaded on VidMe, I think I'm gonna start uploading on both websites, Youtube and Vidme
  • MonsieurNombril reply 7:35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhqRcfAUUNM Here you go
  • MissPretty13 reply Well, I love ASMR. It relieves me of stress.
  • wkc19 reply Is this even James's real vid.me channel? Or is it a fake?
  • SilentGamer reply Genius!!! Pure art :D
  • StoriesFablesGhostlyTales reply In fairness, these ASMR videos would be great for horror sampling narrations....inteeeresting :D
  • StoriesFablesGhostlyTales reply Wow....ASMR - thanks James for explaining this....and ah...the hilarity xD I've seen people getting really riled up about this. As a narrator this is confusing because there would be moments where ASMR would be useful to use. Really interesting - LIPSHMAKCIN!!!! You had me in stitches with "altruistic" xD
  • EchoKnightConnor reply YES theodd1sout IS ON VIDMR
  • CitizenGar reply Great video. I do the lip smacking thing, too. Bad habit for me. ASMR = stupidity.
  • Jmainia reply Holy crap, what are you doing on Vidme James?
  • AxxL_Afriku reply AxxL doesn't listen to ASMR
  • 4thDaGrymReaper reply There is some weird ASMR videos online, its all relaxing and definitely helps me bust some nuts.
  • [ – ] gorrillavision reply anybody see the video of Bob Ross paint muhammed in period blood?
  • Westley_Nash reply I sometimes wondered if when you get those videos that are 2-3 hours long of rain drops or the ocean to relax to, if like 10 minutes in a tremendously loud shotgun blast rang out for no reason... be like that scene in the car out of Pulp Fiction 😂
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Absolute shit.
  • reverendsimonsideways reply Smacking my lips is the least of my probs staying sober enough to get my words out would be a winer
  • Jetter_Mars reply You missed my OBGYN role play
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