I have No Account, And I Must Upload

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  • [ – ] zeddrick reply You got me on-board Jim. I hope YouTube goes the way of Myspace. Fucking Orwellian shitcunts.
    • [ – ] Cuniculus parent reply My first comment, just signed up today. The Peterson situation, along with the issues Mark Dice and Paul Joseph Watson are having are the last straw for me. I'm done with big brother youtube. It's time to fight back.
    • SquirrelHound parent reply If only it be that easy. Alex Jones once said that these companies bleed money, doesn't matter if they lose their stocks.
  • JackParsons reply Jordan should move here.
  • [ – ] EquallyWorthless reply Abandon ship. All aboard the S.S. Vidme.
    • [ – ] Cuniculus parent reply Chrome to Firefox YouTube to Vidme/Vimeo/Full30 Facebook to Mind Twitter to Gab Gmail to Tutanota Google to DuckDuckGo or startpage
      • [ – ] DisgruntledAnon parent reply I'm using ProtoMail, VidMe, Minds, Rabb.it, DuckDuckGo, Disconnect, Tor (a firefox-based onion browser that helps to conceal your IP and grants access to the deep web), and planning on replacing all my bank money with bitcoin, gold and other currencies. Decentralizing myself and divying up my money may not be efficient, but it will be more secure in the long run and potentially will save me in case of any financial losses incurred by Google being horrible or denizens of the web targeting me. Good luck, @Cuniculus, and everyone else reading.
        • [ – ] burgerMan parent reply Just for the record: 25% of Tor exit nodes were monitored by the FBI in 2013. If you browse on the clearweb, doing things like a maximized browser window and just end-to-end comparison can help identify you.
          • DisgruntledAnon parent reply I use HideMyAss, OpenVPN, and use Tor in windowed mode for that reason. Thanks for reminding others of that though. I have nothing to hide for now, only looking for legal things like the social media, emails, music, videos, and news sites. Perhaps some Bitcoin operated sites which sell legal things like rifle parts, but primarily only if the local Gearhound isn't as cheap.
        • Cuniculus parent reply Good luck to you too.
      • EquallyWorthless parent reply I haven't heard of Tutanota. It looks good; I'll probably switch to it. Thanks!
      • burgerMan parent reply I went from Gmail to StartMail. Using Thunderbird as a client, you can set up PGP for even your aliases.
      • SquirrelHound parent reply Don't support firefox.
      • Common_Evil parent reply this is a good list
  • [ – ] misterR reply it gets crazier when you remember what google's known for: its search engine. so many people rely on google to find websites and the same kinds of people who pull this shit with youtube can affect what shows up on google. the problem's a lot bigger than internet videos.
    • firaro parent reply They are openly editing search results now. If you search for stuff about islam they just edit out the criticism and input the stuff about how misunderstood it is
  • [ – ] Woahdude1287 reply Youtube is utter shit these days, im done man. Goodbye youtube, looks like im using vidme from now on!
  • RaveN_ reply "Just fuck my shit up fam" - YouTube 2017
  • crua9 reply YouTube gave my channel a strike for showing people how to find a IP address. They said it encourage others to do illegal activities and break YouTube guidelines. Some of their employees are fighting it for me, because they deny my appeal. But I uploaded my cyber security videos here because if they think finding IP addresses is illegal. Then crap, I have videos on actual hacking methods and how to protect ones self. Sadly, VidMe in their terms said they will not allow any video on cyber security to be funded through the ads.
  • squealingtelevision reply No wonder people are literally building a second internet called hyperboria
  • [ – ] viking_viking reply vidme is home sweet home
  • ExcelSagas reply This site is just sitting here waiting for Youtube's traffic. Functionally it's pretty much the same but run by actual human beings again.
  • edray1416 reply Thanks for ForNoGoodReason, I found you on VidMe. Now I know where to find you if YouTube takes you down for the final time. Anyway, I'm ready to give up YouTube and stay on the alternatives. I might become popular someday.
  • Cynical-Bastard reply PS: Nice mention of the fact of his making vidya on 'Religion' - That triggered it...that simple. Imagine...no videos about anything at all, that can offend someone; that is, without immense hassle, due to this new system. STUPID.
  • Cynical-Bastard reply Very true, Mister Metokur, this SJW push has been looming for a while now, but things are coming to a head. SJWs in corpo and politico media and office, tsk tsk tsk, that's just sad.
  • Sogen reply I was already seeing this stuff on my channel. That's why I branched out to Vidme. But things have been quite concerning so I branched out to Twitch as well. Eitherway, I packed up and left because I realized that YouTube is become the video version of twitter.
  • omgomgomgd reply Youtube is already dead.
  • TheGrailsritter reply Calling it now: Youtubr'll be dead b4 2020.
  • VikingTheMad reply Finally that bloated whale corpse will pop.
  • [ – ] BigGoy4U reply It seems like no matter what is done to fight these people, they keep on advancing. If only there were some sort of solution that wasn't temporary....
    • EisVisage parent reply We would need to get the biggest Youtubers to voluntarily get off Youtube and move to sites like this one instead. People like Pewdiepie have a huge follower base and a ton of influence. Although that would of course mean the end of their Youtube-based careers as they'll no doubt be demonetised.
  • GeorgeMcGee reply Great video. I am so glad I found this. I clicked on in just because of the title. I remember Harlan Ellison's "I have no mouth and I must scream". It upset me terribly just as this video is upsetting. Well done!
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