White Teens Lynch Bi-Racial Boy - TYT Promote A Race War

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  • Muddywaters reply TYT are the most racist people I have had the misfortune to find. Not at all surprised they did not mention the music video where the reverse is promoted.
  • [ – ] Muddywaters reply This focus on race is a manufactured diversity point amplified in the US because they are vulnerable to it for various reasons. Not least among them being they contain a population of people who have been programmed to think like victims by the very political party they have been duped into supporting. A hate narrative is now being pushed hard on many fronts because that political regime lost control due to offering a hideous soulless leader in the belief they had conned enough of the population into allowing them to do anything. Now they are revealing their true nature which historically is vicious at its core. Look at the race of the leader you had for the previous eight years and tell me again how racist America is. Plus these kids are the result of the system that leader delivered.
  • walulu reply hanged cenk. people are hanged, pictures are hung. cenk.
  • [ – ] RDSHorizon reply I'm finding it hard to braid the left side even though I'm ambidextrous and biracial.
  • [ – ] ACCEPTTT reply You live in Germany, but you never discuss this: https://youtu.be/uGfP8CyJAhg
    • [ – ] poddav parent reply except Devon did hundreds of videos about islam, you weak bitch.
      • [ – ] ACCEPTTT parent reply About GERMANY, pussy. Get held down and fucked.
        • [ – ] poddav parent reply https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6MuFVugHwWCp1YDQDAy1w/search?query=germany turns out you're not just weak, but dumb too.
          • [ – ] ACCEPTTT parent reply These mentions of his home amid a flood of vids about blacks in America and endless TYT commentary videos is hardly proportional when he lives under the fissure in the dam. Here: "you RARELY discuss the migration crisis in Germany." Notice, I didn't say "You've never discussed Germany, ever." What are you? His flying monkey bitch? Ask your hero to give you a cupcake. I'm sure he gives a shit that you're splitting hairs for him. Maybe someday you can make a TYT reaction video too, awww.
            • [ – ] poddav parent reply > you NEVER talk about this > provided link where he talks about this > REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ok
              • ACCEPTTT parent reply No, you called me dumb and weak. Cartoon Roo is you waifu. Devon Tracy is your waifu. You been a bitch, you'll be a bitch. "He talks about Islam all the tiiiiime"
          • ACCEPTTT parent reply Cenk Uygur: "We talk about Saudi Arabia all the tiiiiiiiime!" This random hick poddav: " Devo talks about Islam all the tiiiiiimmmeee! Devon talks about Germany all the tiiiimme"
  • VonKaauen reply I've lost all hope of there not being a race war, pretty much. I don't really want it, but it is virtually inevitable because of fucking leftist scum like TYT and some of the absolute traitors we have in congress who decided in 1965 it would be a good idea to allow in millions of non-whites, and who subsequently decided it's a great idea to give amnesty to illegals and not secure the border. Now whites are decreasing in number, and as the non-whites increase in number, the racial interests of blacks and hispanics, and now Muslim Arabs, are increasingly at odds with the interests of the white majority. And worse than that, these ASSHOLES keep pumping up those racial tensions, just fucking inflaming them beyond all sense. This is guaranteed to get ugly in the coming years. I had hoped Trump would be able to stop it by closing the border and undoing some of what Obama did to inflame those racial tensions. I fear, however, that no matter how hard he tries, he's going to just do what Jacks...moreon did back in the 1830's: push the coming civil war back a few years. Jackson staved off a civil war during his time in office by threatening to hang governors that seceded. They headed his warning because he was a war hero and a great general, and none questioned his strength and manliness (and if they did, he'd literally get in duels with them). In 1860, those tensions which he had helped contain finally broke free. Trump may prevent the second civil war while in office, but in a few years, it will come, inevitably, unless congress gets its act together and stops white displacement, unless the media stops lying and fanning the flames. But they won't, because this is all part of a Communist plan to overthrow America and bring Marxism/Leninism to power in this country, a plan the Soviets started. Yuri Bezmenov warned us about it in the eighties. Go look up ideological subversion. All this shit comes from the Marxists in our institutions.
  • VonKaauen reply I disagree in principle with the idea of prosecuting minors as adults, even for the most heinous of crimes. I believe the state should always treat them as minors and that their sentences should be limited to a maximum of ten years, though those who are violent felons would also have an additional rule which basically turns all sentences into an X to life type sentence. Basically, a seventeen year old or younger who murders someone could be sentenced to spend up to ten years in prison, possibly with the imposition of lashings or labor as part of the sentence, depending on the severity of the crime. This would be the minimum time he must serve before he can even be considered for release. Upon completing the minimum time, the offender must then prove to the state that they are safe and are ready to be released back into society. If the convict fails this, likely due to failing to complete rehabilitation requirements, not having adequate means set up in advance of release, or their beh...moreavior while incarcerated, they come up for review again in two years. This can continue indefinitely. This system would be in place for minors between the ages of twelve and eighteen. Those below twelve but older than eight would be sent to special facilities designed specifically to rehabilitate children, but that would have a punishment element to it in the form of labor, except in special circumstances where experts find the child too dangerous to be around other children. In that case, there would be special prisons designed to punish them and treat their mental condition. Children under eight would not be able to be charged with crimes at all, but would always be treated as needing mental and behavioral therapy, at least when they have committed some sort of serious offense. Minor offenses would not be charged at all and discipline would be handed over to parents, who would, if the child keeps offending, face potential legal consequences. The courts would, however, have discretion between eight and twelve to treat them as being younger, this being decided by the judge, and thus not charge them with a crime but instead remand them to the care of child psychiatrists or, if the crime is minor (non- violent felony level or below), to their parents for discipline. From eighteen to twenty-two, the court can use its discretion to decide whether or not to punish them as adults or as minors in the twelve to eighteen category. If the prosecution recommends treating them as a minor, and the judge has no objection, it stands. If the judge objects, the jury decides. If the prosecution wishes to charge them as an adult, the jury will decide the matter. If the jury has decided they are to be treated as an adult, they will be subject to the full possible range of penalties, the maximum, in my ideal system, being essentially 20 to life with hard labor (and potentially a certain number of lashes to be delivered in public over a period of time suitable to keep the defendant from dying) for normal crimes committed by citizens. Crimes against the state (like Treason, terrorism, being part of a criminal organization or enterprise, mass homicide, serial violent felonies like murder and rape, or any attempt at these crimes that can be proven) have the maximum penalty as death (to be carried out in public, with the method of execution being decided by the jury). If the jury decides to treat them as minors, then the judge will only have the power to sentence them to the maximum for a minor between twelve and eighteen, which in my system is ten years at rehabilitative labor (as opposed to hard labor which is designed to make their time in prison miserable and leave them with little free time. Rehabilitative labor is designed to teach you a trade, make you a useful member of society, not necessarily just punish you) for normal crimes. Those who commit crimes against the state are ineligible for this consideration if they're above eighteen, but below eighteen the penalty is life with the possibility of parole after fifteen years. This essentially means that, unlike a normal offender who gets out after 15 years and is no longer watched or forced to meet with a parole officer, you will be watched for the rest of your life, have special restrictions, etc. You fuck up once on parole, not only might you spend the rest of your life in prison (and potentially receive a sentence of public lashing), but if it is a violent felony you commit on parole, you will face the death penalty or life with hard labor.
  • VonKaauen reply The stunning ignorance of Stank: "The Steve Bannons of the world don't like Chinese people either" Steve Bannon is allegedly alt-right (that's unclear, actually), and that means he is pro-white. This statement is clearly a swing at the alt-right and at white people at large. It's stunningly ignorant for one very important reason: the alt-right actually has a huge amount of respect for east asians. We openly admit that they're a few IQ points higher than whites. We even jokingly refer to them as honorary Aryans because of their intelligence and cultural sophistication. We're fans of East Asians, including the Chinese. Only thing we don't like about them is that they claim to be communist (I actually think modern China is more reflective of a type of fascism, just on the left-wing of the spectrum). To suppose that we hate Chinese people is just laughably retarded and shows he knows fuckall about our movement. Which is unsurprising, considering he's a regressive leftist, and they'll ne...morever take the time to actually look into anything from the right or that is pro-white without immediately screaming racism and just assuming that it's about hating anyone that's not white. They don't care to understand. In truth, we don't really hate any group of people. We're just pro-white. We might share racist memes. We might make fun of or talk shit about people of other races. But most of it is deserved. When black people riot and commit acts of violence, yeah, they deserve to be called chimps, apes, and a variety of other racial terms. When they say "we wuz kangz", yeah, we have to insult the shit out of them and mock their race. When they commit crimes and make our cities shitty, yeah, we're going to resent a lot of them, mock them, and talk about kicking them out of the country. Doesn't mean we hate anyone who is black. It just means we know a substantial portion of the black community is dogshit and is making our society shitty, so it'd be best if most of them got out of the west. Our interests, as a people, diverge from theirs anyway, which is a source of conflict, especially as they grow and we shrink. Same with other groups too. Few people in our movement would hate a Jewish guy walking down the street just for being Jewish, for example. What we hate are Jews like George Soros, the ones in academia, the media, and big business pushing globalism, Marxism, and multiculturalism, and the ones who subvert our foreign policy for the benefit of Israel. We resent their class because a certain portion of their class is causing us a lot of trouble. Progressives and leftists will never understand this.
  • VonKaauen reply Ana is such a bitch. She needs to suck my dick.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I don't always agree with you AiU; (often disagree on politics but i still enjoy listening to you because i want my beliefs challenged) however, you're definitely right about tyt trying to start a race war... they are constantly racebaiting. Most people only care if you are a good person and if you are hardworking; it's a small minority of people who are genuinly racist and yet they want to make it seem like everyone is. Very sick agenda
  • whitezombie reply Devon dude you know i like you but, this bashing of Qatari slaves is just a tad too much. You talk as if to free people. I told you before and you have made mention in older videos, Qatar owns their asses , They are not free to do the stories they please. Their masters will beat them if they go off script. They are slaves man wtf do you expect? Personal responsibility? Integrity? Journalistic ethics? These are for free people not sold out slaves. What? You never heard of white slaves? The world is full of them. Hell, in the U.S. they even had one you tried to get elected president. This? This is nothing. The real crime is slavery. You think anti slavery was just free the blacks? Well the blacks were free,for a time,now?Now they sell them as slaves again in Libya and Tunis and no one gives a hoot. White slavery was never abolished though . I mean, how do you free a person that sold themselves ? Where do you even start?
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