Stupid Lies I Believed for Way Too Long

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  • [ – ] sarah reply ooooh dang the thought of drinking some guy's sweaty pants water... yikes
  • duffy reply happy new year jaiden!
  • Wardhouse reply "Careful, you could get aids!" That part is actually pretty funny.
  • [ – ] ElDoggo reply Wait, Jaiden, are you moving from YouTube to Vidme officially?
    • nodetact parent reply That's the impression A LOT of people were click-baited into thinking on here, but the thing here is that this is actually literally just another animation video of hers that she's been doing almost since the birth of Vidme back in 2014 (<- this is not a lie, right?). On Jaiden's, she was asked several times about her passion for YouTube in which she admitted to doing extensive and wise research on her decision to choose it over other alternative video hosting platforms or methods of sharing her content creations. Hell, she even made an entire Hero's Journey video for college which every now and then centered on the mere fact that YT changed her so much. She is either so un-turned that the gullibility that she ironically re-uploaded as another flash video on Vidme has helped her learn to actually follow through with what she said about choosing loving your work over fame and fortune, and ACTUALLY GIVE THESE ALTERNATE PLATFORMS A CHANCE (even if its already too many platforms bei...moreng managed in the meantime while none of them go down under as of late, and I know she has a lot going on as far as social media and the like are concerned), or was already prepared for immediate change as much of her simplistic and average life (no offense, Jaiden, but you said so, so) has been conveying to make the most of what she could offer her champions of subscribers/followers on just about anywhere she is and anything she believes in. This is just my two cents, though. I bet some of you already can tell who I am just by my "writing style" in the comments section (P.S.: spill the beans with precaution! D:)! ;) Good luck with this Vidme channel, Jaiden, whether it really is a transitional migration off of YT or just another means to broadcast your stuff to further reaches of people who will love what you are and do! -nodetact
  • DecadesApartProductions reply I just finished a big glass of dirty circus tight water.
  • ChazDragoon reply I think maybe the confusion with Tetnus and AIDS is that you CAN get AIDS via blood/DNA crossover or something. Like if you get cut and the cut somehow contacts DNA from someone/something that has AIDS. That's my guess, but I may be wrong...regardless: cute video. ^o^
  • Boxlightyear reply I was told that everything gives you aids back in middle school XD
  • MarlonManalese reply sweet you remind me of a female Domics!
  • DavidTheGamer reply Lol I love this animations are so fun to watch :p
  • Sharefree2013 reply what would be nice is that the British brexit and the American Donald Trump and Russian Vadimir Putin will put an end to the New World Order we will have proof of aliens really soon He Will legalize medical marijuana
  • CrapChinStrap reply "Say my name..." "Grasshopper" "You're god damn right" haha
  • Skarpantre reply I love that face when "your eyes can stuck backwards"
  • FossilBossTV reply oohh shiiiiiiiiit a new JAIDEN ANIMATION VIDEO
  • 1Source reply The propaganda and lies starts early! Very well done I enjoyed it immensely.
  • edmsquad reply Cool Vids friend! :)
  • AllTheCoins reply I think white lies told by parents are fine lol I mean you really shouldn't be eating aluminum foil
  • Wardhouse reply The way parents do this kind of thing, just ALLOWING their kids to believe nonsense, potentially damaging things about the world, things that may even PERSIST for a long time, just really pisses me off. If I spent a while looking back into my own infuriating past I could probably find dozens of random stupid misconceptions that I believed for way too long just because my guardians were too incompetent to make sure their child knew the truth in the first place. Hell, my older brothers fed me stupid BS too. I had to watch the original Star Wars trilogy just to realize that there was no Star Wars 7 about how "Luke goes to the dark side" and that was in goddamn 2003, before Revenge of The Sith even existed. The problem with me trying to think of more examples is that remembering the past too well sends me into a knee-jerk rage that's pleasant for nobody.
  • Chanicorn reply I'll have to look out for grasshoppers in my shoes from now on.
  • [ – ] Seawolf25 reply yay! :)
    • Seawolf25 parent reply weird, anyways its all cool Jaiden. I have glasses' without them, id be bumping into people. its like an adorable Kikwi bumping into you XD
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