Racist Tattoo Coverup // 60 Second Docs

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  • [ – ] Rube00 reply I don't see how having white pride is racist. Anyone can have black, Hispanic, or oriental pride but once it's white pride it becomes racist.
    • [ – ] VozMoozh parent reply quit being naive (or deliberately subversive) about why one gets that particular kind of tat. Free world, an almost anonymous one too, most here are grown ups, don't be shy, be real! The universe and its daddy knows the connotation of a tat like that. It's intent is not a benign one. . .And the dude, the one right in the vid. You know, the one that is the subject of this vid, told you plain why. If you have a spare 60-seconds, mebbe watch the vid?
      • Rube00 parent reply Yeah I'm the one who's being subversive yet you're the guy who's too afraid to blatantly say his claim. Admit it you think white pride is racist that's it, you're either to dumb or to full of white guilt that once you see someone with white pride you assume they also want to gas jews.
    • MarkWhippy parent reply Its the context behind the words.
  • UnauthorizedExpression reply Yeah nothing worse than a white guy proud of his race.
  • gameprobros reply This is a very cool thing that David is doing for people who may have done things like this for the reason listed in the doc - survival in prison, etc. Also, I'd really like to say, I love the concept of your channel. Very cool idea and great video. :)
  • DrewScottsman reply Black pride, not racist Asian pride, not racist White pride, racist. Fuck you.
  • lewren reply Think I'll have to even out the odds and get a white pride tattoo then... Nothing wrong in being proud of being white. Whites have accomplished more and greater things than any other race on this planet. Praise white.
  • StolenMoment reply I almost always wear a shirt.
  • Turn_Coat reply :C is my sad face that a good tattoo was covered.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Kudos to David for giving back to his community. I'm sure many folks might feel stuck in a toxic loop due to their regretful decisions. But this is a wonderful way to get a fresh start!
  • NS1488 reply it is not racist to love your kind.
  • truckmyad reply If you had pride in your skin, you would not ink it in the first place.
  • DarkStarMedia reply It's great that you guys at Southside are offering a service like this. Excellent work; the new tattoo looks badass!
  • zektor reply He's just coming to terms with his inferiority (...)
  • truckmyad reply Brown Pride Cain Velasquez approved by UFC
  • AmateurBellyDance reply LOL This is cool
  • c_arnold03 reply Sounds interesting. Is there anyone who you guys spotlighted who do tattoo removals?
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