2016: My Lowest Point. - Vlog 40

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  • [ – ] Tai_Moya reply With vidme, this can be the year. I enjoy dualshock a LOT! Do what you love, love what you do! Good to hear you won't do anything stupid! (Except when you play videogames :D)
  • [ – ] imJustJosh reply Hey dude, not sure how helpful this will be but I definitely wanted to let you know I feel where you're coming from with this regarding views. There's a very low focus on it and zero expectations but there comes those moments where it seems like the hard work put into the videos gets kind of in a way underappreciated. And it's not anyone's fault because there's no way a stranger could know how much heart, time and effort went into a video. It's just one of those things that you kind of do because it is fun, and you hope that others find it fun and when you don't really see that kind of 'positive feedback' you instantly think that no feedback is bad feedback. Like you think that it means your videos aren't good enough or you're doing something wrong or not being funny enough. I want to say though, a HUGE part as to why I followed you here is how genuine you felt. And this video I know took a lot emotion to make and maybe it was spur of the moment but something you said kind of stuck wi...moreth me. The bit where you said this doesn't reflect well on me." I think seeing you be so honest and blunt about where you currently are mentally, and being so open about how you're feeling with your viewers is an incredible reflection on how you view the people that watch your content. It shows a level of respect to not give some bullshit excuse and say "I've been busy" and even a level of trust that your viewers will respect you back and respect your feelings. In regards to you feeling like you're not making it, I understand that I really do. I think the big Youtubers have set such high expectations in that they suddenly exploded. But I also think a good way of looking at that is they exploded when let's plays exploded. And now Youtube is saturated with let's players. What gets me down so much is seeing people make those videos just to try and get fame and get rich quick by yelling and being fake and doing things that are just to get views when theres so many other youtube lets players that want to do things the honest way and not beg for subs or views. Just try and think of it as you having this large number of people that saw your channel and thought, this is worth spending my time viewing when I have that time to spare. It won't make everything fix itself, but I think reminding yourself that those are more than numbers (which can get muddled with how social media treats people as blank screens) will help in feeling appreciated even just a little bit. Either way, I really hope 2017 gets better for you, and I whole heartedly agree that 2016 was awful too. And it's REALLY hard to have hope with depression, but I definitely encourage you to get help where you can, be it support from friends or a professional if you ever find the time. I also really hope vidme doesn't mess up the format and make this one giant block of text...
    • [ – ] imJustJosh parent reply I also want to add to my long ass rant that you should never apologize for getting things off your chest, whether you see it as complaining or not. It'd good to get it out somewhere.
      • [ – ] WeeAddy parent reply I have to say, it helped a lot. It's put a lot of what I feel into perspective, into a reality check, in a positive way. I feel bad, I upload to vidme knowing my YT is doing poorly, I just want another chance of people finding me and what I do, so I feel bad that there are people here who probably don't want to use YouTube, and maybe they think I don't care about them as a result, as I'll be honest that uploading here is a sort of late night thing like "Oh yeah, Vidme! I should upload my recent video, or something I really like from YT." -- This video in particular wasn't going to go up here, as I wanted to put up my most recent and funniest stuff, but I realized I want my story to be shared more importantly. I'm never one to shy away about my honest feelings on something, the 39 other vlogs on my YT already show that, and I do what I can to have a genuine attitude during my videos as well and not put on some "performance." The video was DEFINITELY spur of the moment, I wanted to make ...moreit at home all professional and shit, but my brother's home and I felt uncomfortable talking about it in case he heard, so I took my chance to drive out somewhere and find somewhere remote I wouldn't feel uncomfortable in case people saw me, and it felt SOOOO good to get it all on video at last and let people know how I felt. I'm glad it didn't put yourself off, and hopefully no-one else either. I can say, over the last 2 or so days, I've been trying to work on my videos again in a positive manner for the love of the craft, I found a Game Grumps remix that just inspired me to work and work and work. And then an old Game Grumps AMA as well where Dan said about pouring everything you can into what you love, and not caring about the results, because it'll come with time. And I know all this... It's just I forget, especially when I've been doing YouTube "properly" for almost 3 years now, and even longer as a hobby on an old Channel, totalling almost 10 years of YouTubing. I love doing what I do, I just want others to as well. And I'm so glad at least somebody see's what I mean. Thank you so much for watching it and taking away what I was trying to convey without thinking I'm some whiny baby about not being a big Channel or some nonsense. ^_^" -- Also, yes, the formatting put your comment to just one big wall, but that's alright :P
        • [ – ] imJustJosh parent reply CURSE YOU VIDME FORMAT lol But yeah no, I had an older channel on youtube before my current one and it was nearly at 40 subs in the first year (which I thought was amazing cus I don't see myself as particularly interesting) and I started over because of a lot of reasons that don't matter all that much and I noticed that this time I'm building MUCH slower than before. And it's not that I care about the numbers, it's that I feel like I'm failing somewhere and that this thing I want to make happen SO BAD won't because I'm not doing something right and can't figure out what it is (or think that it's EVERYTHING I'm doing which is by far more intimidating). Game Grumps is honestly the channel I go to when I'm feeling really down about myself because a LOT of their videos talk about doing what you love and only relying on that and Dan has such an amazingly positive view on life in general. So I'm glad you have that same kind of connection there. Also I don't think viewers here think that ...moreat all. It's a new platform that is basically competing for attention against a giant corporation I'd hope that they would get that theres a balancing act that needs to happen and theres a time period needed to figure out that balancing act. Either way I'm glad to know you're picking yourself up because that's the hardest thing someone does in life, especially when you have to do it over and over like it sounded like you had to this year. Just keep on going and doing what you love because you love it. I think it was Jacksepticeye that says that the moment Youtube stops being fun he wasn't going to do it anymore, and I think that's a good judgement call. Because the moment something you love doing stops being fun for you, it's no longer a healthy output of energy I think. You know?
          • WeeAddy parent reply Absolutely. And for me, the fun hasn't stopped in nearly 10 years. The creation process is still as fun as ever. It's just with life drawing in, with my age and no foreseeable future career in entertainment, seeing the videos I pour so much heart into not perform well does suck ass. But it'll NEVER stop me from creating. It might just put me off now and again ^_^" And yes, Grumps, Jack, Markiplier, all of them heavy inspirations for me and my content. Grumps didn't inspire my show "DuoShock" until after we'd already made it, but now that I am a fan of the Grumps, I do see similarities and can only dream that DuoShock became half the show Grumps is, so it's kind of inspired by them now, but originally it was just our thing we enjoyed. Where-as my solo content is inspired by Jack and Mark, except when I do stuff like Sonic and Pokémon, then I guess I'm more Scykoh or Chuggaaconroy. I should say, their method's, their comedy, their ways on how they produce videos are mere inspirations, I...more don't intend to copy them or "be someone else," I'm always gonna be myself in my videos :) And Grumps have also been great for me too for a good laugh every day, no matter what game, which I love -- I love finding a Channel where the game doesn't matter and it's the people behind the microphone I want to watch. They always put a smile on my face. :) If I had more time, I'd continue watching all of Mark's videos too, as I used to, and then I'd start watching all of Jack's as I currently sort of pick and choose his, annoyingly, despite loving his personality so much -- he's just such a nice person.
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