PewDiePie VS Mainstream Media

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  • JustHypeVibe reply Still Pewdiepie won this! In my opinion. The media should go deeper about the meaning for his videos which just to entertain us.
  • MaitreMarkScully reply but, I also think that pewdiepie is a self made man, he did not have to suffer the humiliation of the casting couch and that infuriates the established media and celebrities. He is a free person and if other people break way from the system and make it big, well, then who needs the system?
  • MaitreMarkScully reply I knew nothing about pewdiepie except that people I considered geeks liked him. So now I know a bit about him and I have my belief that the mainstream media is full of crap has been vindicated and magnified.
  • Smiless reply I'm amazed, I almost have as many followers on Vidme as Elvis the alien
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