H4n Pro Mic Review

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  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply Nice to meet you on Vidme HumanStudios. I have H4n Pro but I hardly use it since it's so difficult to use for me. It's frustrating how difficult audio tech is. All other aspects of film making are getting easier yet audio tech still is so hard. We can send robots to Mars to take HD photos... yet we can't make smartphone cameras more resistant to wind noise?
    • [ – ] HumanStudios parent reply haha yeah, would a tutorial for the h4n pro help?
      • CreatorsThinkingCritically parent reply I've watched some. I learn more so by doing. I've learned many things hands on such as editing, filming, etc... I find audio stuff specially confusing. There seems to be so many steps. Anyway, best wishes for your channel. Keep it up!
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